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Darren Hanlon & The Interpreter

I had an interesting weekend.

On Friday night, I went to see Darren Hanlon with the Tall Guy, Genie, The Teacher, The Ex, and this guy I'm dating at the moment. It was a little awkward having The Ex and a new potential boyfriend (NPB) in the same place at the same time - I often felt like The Ex was interviewing NPB and he was in hyper-bravado mode, so was getting a bit annoying with his need to be the centre of attention.

And then he completely shocks me by phoning me on Saturday night - he just wanted The Fairy's boyfriend's mobile number, but I was still a little disconcerted to hear from him.

Anyway, that's the soapie dramas out of the way, onto the gig.

The first support was Nick Dalton (from Sneeze), who was wearing an akubra-style hat and a cape, so I found it hard to take him seriously. His sound was a little too country for me, but I guess he wasn't bad.

Next up were The Zebras. The reminded me of The Boat People in that they had a nice tight sound, but no stage presence. I suspect I'd enjoy them more on CD than I did live.

And of course, Darren Hanlon. The man is a genius with his songcraft and I haven't seen him do a bad gig yet. I love his support band (a guy on bass/keys and a chick on drums), I love his songs, I love his banter with the crowd. And one of his fans declared his love for another of his fans on the night - this guy hopped up on stage (at DH's invitation - not stage invasion) to play the little music box on one of the songs (I'm having a mental blank on which one right now) and then DH revealed that he was chosen for more than his nice smile - he came to the mic and asked his girlfriend to marry him. It was sort of sweet, but I think the girlfriend was very drunk so the romance of the occasion was somewhat lost on me after the 3rd time she swiped me with the new ring while showing it off.

Anyway, it was a good night.

On Saturday night, I went out with The Teacher and we ran across this girl that I haven't seen in years. About 5 years ago, she moved interstate and we lost touch with each other, but apparently she moved back to Brisbane 18 months ago and is living here again! She hadn't caught up with anyone from the old gang since then, so I caught her up on the various marriages and babies that have happened in the last 5 years and what I've been up to since The Ex and I broke up. It was just so surreal that we would run into each other like that. I was in a pub that I don't usually go to and she hasn't been going out much at all since she moved back - but there we were. We've now exchanged email addresses and hopefully she'll become part of the gigging gang, so we'll stay in touch.

On Sunday, NPB (the guy from Friday night) and I went to see The Interpreter. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't a stand-out film for me. Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn both gave believable performances (even her South African/English accent was believable) and did their roles well. The storyline was credible and interesting, but the romance (?) between Penn and Kidman was superfluous and didn't flow with the story. It's possible that they had intended for it to merely be a flowering friendship, but in that case, I think they buggered it up. I'd give it maybe 6 out of 10 - worth seeing, but I could've waited until it got to TV.

Listening to: Women in Docs - Under a Different Sky


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