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I saw this great movie called Amy's Orgasm on the weekend. It didn't have anyone I knew in the lead roles, but the blurb just sounded good, so I thought I'd try it. So glad I did - I haven't laughed like that in a long time!

Amy is a successful writer of a women's self-help book called "Why love doesn't work", but who still has to deal with parents that just want her to settle down with a nice boy. She meets a radio DJ who is a bit of a babe and all of these great theories go out the window.

I was pretty disappointed by the ending, I thought overall it could have been done better, but I loved some of the great one-liners, like Chapter 12: "Men get their self-esteem from having a woman say 'yes'. Women get their self-esteem from telling a man 'no'." So true of so many women. And her parents were so like mine it was frightening!

The other viewing of note was that I saw the first episode of the new Dr Who series. I'm not sure what the true blue fans would think of it, but I loved it. I grew up watching Dr Who (my brother was a big fan) and enjoyed it but thought the robots and aliens were really lame. But the new series has great special effects, I love Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor - I think he plays the eccentricities of the character to a T. And I don't even mind Billie Piper as the female sidekick. I was pleased that the Tardis looked the same though - it wouldn't have been Dr Who with the blue police box as the Tardis! ;o)

I may just have to keep a tape free for 7:30pm Saturday nights - I have the feeling that Dr Who could become part of my essential weekly viewing.

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