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Big Brother

I actually watched Big Brother for the first time ever last night. Those who know me may well be thinking of shaking me and asking "why?" in the same sort of tone as Marlon Brando yelled "Stella" right now, but there is actually a reason.

I know one of the housemates.

I don't know them well, but I know them well enough that the very idea of watching Uncut and seeing their naughty bits is just slightly disturbing. So I don't think I'll be doing that. But it's still interesting to watch someone who you know in a particular way being on a show like that and playing games and saying stuff you never thought they'd say. Weird, but interesting.

I'm not sure that I'll watch it again though.

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Blogger Suburban Hen said...

Which one? I watched a little bit last night, but found them all to be quite yucky.

6:02 pm  
Blogger verbs said...

I've only seen a bit so don't actually have any opinion on any of the personalities, but some of the ladies aren't too hard on the eyes. :D

9:54 pm  
Blogger Lushlife said...

I am trying to have a BB free year for once. I have watched them all and because I did I am not taking the moral high ground I am merely trying to reduce my reality t.v. quota. I watched them because a good friend was a producer on the show and he lived with us during the last one so we did it for support even he was completely demoralised by the time he was into working on his third show. I can't help feel a little cleaner though when hearing some of the BB gossip though.

8:50 am  
Anonymous OLS said...

Bo Peep - not telling! :oP But I do agree that all of them seem to be quite yucky.

verbs - I also agree that some of them (both girls and guys actually) are quite good looking.

Lushlife - I usually hate and deteste reality tv, hence why this was such a big thing for me. I don't moralise over anyone else watching it though - I just don't understand! ;o)


6:05 pm  

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