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The cast of characters

These are the people that I will probably refer to a lot. I'll add to the list if and when the cast of characters expands.

Mum and Dad - should need no further explanation. They live in Toowoomba, which is just far enough away for me to be comfortable.

my brother - my only sibling. He's 3 years older than me and completely different! He works with my parents and lives around the corner from them.

my sister-in-law - obviously married to my brother. The sweetest girl in the world but a bit of a wuss and can be a bit blonde at times.

my niece - now 4 years old and a holy terror - just like me as a kid. No wonder I like her.

my nephew - about 18 months old and very much his own person. Has the charm of his father so we're all wrapped around his little finger.

B&S - my brother and sister-in-law combined

the Kids - my niece and nephew combined

T&S - T is my best friend from uni and S is her husband who I'm also good friends with. I usually catch up with them together, so it's easier to refer to them as a couple. They also have a brand new baby, L. Update - T&S now referred to as TBF and TBFH.

TBF - short for "The Best Friend" - see above. I'm seeing more of them individually now, so have started using new names for them.

TBFH - short for "The Best Friend's Husband" - see T&S and above.

the Law Student - we met through the fan club/mailing list of a band we were both into at the time. Neither of us are huge fans of the band anymore, but the friendship continues. We've really only become close since I came back from overseas.

Genie - I met her by going to her 19th birthday party with A (of R&A) - the deal was that Genie threw the party and A brought the guests. We've been close friends on and off since then, but have stayed close since I broke up with The Ex.

the Tall Guy - met him the same way as the Law Student. We became close friends over the years when he was dating the Fairy and I was with The Ex and we all spent a lot of time together.

the K couple - Genie and the Tall Guy combined

the Nymph - met her through A (of R&A) though I can't remember how or when now. We met up again recently when A called her and mentioned that we're living around the corner from each other. It's been very handy and we are now catching up on a fairly regular basis.

the Fairy - met her the same way as the Law Student. We instantly clicked and became close friends and constant gig buddies very quickly.

The Ex - been the ex for a while, but this is still how I think of him in my head. He's friends with lots of my friends so tends to pop up on a semi-regular basis.

sarni - also met the same way as the Law Student, but she lives in Melbourne. We can't say anything nasty about each other because we read each other's blogs.

R&A - A used to flat with a friend of mine from school. My school friend and I aren't in touch anymore, but I'm still good friends with A. She's married to R who she met flicking foam off his butt at a rave.

G&S - I met G at the same rave when he got together with a friend of mine. They broke up a few months later when G got together with S. I ended up closer friends with G than the friend, partially through a common interest in certain music, and partly because I really liked S. G&S are now married and have a little boy, H. They are into weird stuff like medieval sword-fighting and renaissance fairs and are certainly the most interesting of my friends.

the Vegetarian - we met in 2nd year Uni when mutual friends tried to combine two different sets of friends. I think we're the only two from the different groups to still stay in touch. He's often been referred to as my "Clayton's boyfriend", the boyfriend you have when you don't really have a boyfriend. He's the guy I take to engagement parties when I'm not involved with anyone. He was my lifesaver when I broke up with the Ex as we had fallen out of touch while he was overseas, so he was my only friend at the time who wasn't also friends with the Ex.

the Teacher - she's a friend of the Tall Guy's who I've known for ages, but only really become friendly with since the Tall Guy started dating Genie. She's single like me and had a nasty breakup with her husband (he left her for another women when she was pregnant with their child - not good), so we bitch about our ex's and/or guys in general a lot and generally have a lovely time doing so. She's got a wicked sense of humour and a very quick wit.

Disclaimer - none of the above descriptions are meant to resemble real people in any material form. I also lie. A lot. If you think you know who I'm talking about, you probably don't. Unless of course you're sarni.


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