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I'm a pretty shallow person in many ways. All of my friends are attractive - maybe not beautiful, but certainly not ugly. I don't think this is because I can't be friends with someone who is not attractive, but because I tend to be friends with people who have a certain amount of self-confidence and those people tend to be attractive. Either that, or I just think more people are attractive than the general population. Actually, both could be true.

Anyway, I also expect my friends to have a similar sense of humour to me, to be interested in similar music, similar movies, similar books. Thankfully, my own interests are pretty wide and it's very rare that someone I meet won't have similar interests in at least movies. And books if they read novels. Like, at all! I'm eternally amazed by the number of people who just don't read novels. I don't get it.

My friends are also all intelligent. I think is probably a pre-requisite to be part of the "inner circle". I like that I can have conversations with my friends about more than kids, weddings and shopping. Some are more "book intelligent" than others, but all of my friends are aware of the world around them and can talk about wide and varied issues. None of them are extremely narrow-minded or narrow-focussed.

But in other ways, I guess I'm less superficial than most. I don't care what you do for a job or how much money you earn. I don't care if you're fashionable or not. I don't care how you talk, how educated you are or what part of town you grew up in. I don't care about your race, what religion you are, what political party you vote for, or where you stand on euthanasia, refugees or abortion. I'll still be your friend. Especially if you can discuss issues with me without it getting personal. And especially if you're prepared to talk to me about the differences in our upbringing. I was raised by conservative hippies - I even think Catholics are fascinating! ;o)

So yes, I'm shallow. But I don't think it's in any way that matters.

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Blogger sarni said...

What does a conservative hippie do? I could make a smart-arsed comment about tie-dyed suits, but I'm really curious what you mean. :-)

11:17 am  
Anonymous OLS said...

I always refer to them as conservative hippies because they were very liberal in their attitudes, especially to child raising, but not when it came to money. And they both worked office jobs, bought processed food, and didn't call their children Rainbow and Forest.

Especially when we were very young, there was a bit of commune sense in the neighbourhood, where any mother or father was equally able to discipline or comfort. We called everyone's parents by their first names, treated their houses the same way we treated our own (helped ourselves to food and drinks etc) and generally acted as though we were all siblings belonging to three mums and three dads.

Of course, they've changed into your typical middle-class, middle-aged conservatives now! :)


11:46 am  
Blogger sarni said...

Ahhh... sounds like the exact opposite of my parents. :-)

6:21 pm  
Anonymous OLS said...

This is why talking about family life with you is so fascinating! ;o)


8:24 pm  
Blogger Russell Allen said...

Shallow is good. It is much better than the opposite. People who claim to be 'deep' are mostly absorbed and are too deep to be productive.

I think it is something that people can call you but you cannot call yourself. Much like how some folks say they are 'the life and soul of the party' when they are not the people who judge that.

Love your shallowness and your shallowicity...if we weren't supposed to be that way god wouldn't have given us credit cards.

1:42 am  
Anonymous OLS said...

Aw, thanks Russell. Shallowicity - I like it. I may have to borrow it.

I was going to drop by your blog from your profile, but there's nothing there?

So who are you? Where did you come from (ie to get here)?


8:49 pm  

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