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Builders! Pah!

WARNING: rant to follow.

I think the word "builders" might become my new swear word. At the moment, I can barely even see the word written without gritting my teeth.

The unit next door to me is being renovated. I'm not home all that much during the week - I leave for work by 8am at the latest and I don't get home until 6pm at the earliest. So how is it that they've managed to inconvenience me so much!

In the last couple of days, they've turned off my water, interupted my electricity and were drilling a common wall from 7:30am this morning! It was so loud that it was quite unbearable to be in my bathroom and a glass was shuddered off the bench in my kitchen and shattered. All without even any warning to me, let alone receiving my consent!

I really don't see why they can't bloody well wait until 8:30am or a decent hour like that to start such noisy work! Why do they have to start everything when normal people are trying to sleep or get ready for work. I mean, I can understand why construction workers who work out-doors in the middle of summer need to start early, but this job is entirely inside and the weather is quite cool at the moment. So why they need to shatter my early morning quiet is beyond me.

So I'm grumpy. I'm battling a headache which started before I even left the house. Not happy Jan! *mutter mutter mutter*


There was this massive storm here last night - weird thing is, it was very localised. Parts of Brisbane got major hail, and other parts didn't get any at all. Of course, it's also weird to get a big storm and hail in May. That's usually a summer thing. I'm yet to determine whether my poor wee car got hit with any of it, but it would have only been small hail if any, so hopefully it will be okay.

The cat was rather freaked out by it, but he wasn't even damp when he ran inside, so he must have found somewhere to shelter. I wasn't so lucky - I got drenched and have a little bruise on my face from where a bit of hail hit me. It was not a good day to forget my umbrella. :(

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Blogger sarni said...

Surely there are bylaws preventing them from starting work before 8 or 9am? Have a look in your council's regulations or something... good luck. There is a guy who mows the lawns somewhere close by who starts around 8am... the really frustrating thing is that he comes on random days, so when I have a day off I never know whether I'll get to sleep in or not *grrr*

3:00 pm  
Blogger the urban fox said...

I always wonder that about builders. Why do they insist on working 7am-3.30pm or so instead of normal working hours?

11:18 pm  
Anonymous OLS said...

sarni - there are noise regulations, but the problem is that you have to get someone out to register the noise levels - and they aren't around every day. I think they've finished now, so it's a moot point anyway.

urban fox - it's a mystery! Actually, I do know why construction workers start early and finish early in Queensland - it's to do with heat exhaustion. It's so much cooler in the mornings than it is in the afternoons, and also, in summer, we often have clear mornings and late afternoon thunder storms - which of course makes a big difference when you're working outside.

But as for why an internal worker at the end of Autumn needs to start work so frickin' early? I have no idea. *sigh*


10:11 am  

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