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the weekend

Well, it was another weekend of intensive sleeping for me.

I've bought myself one of those 3-week Detox programs (basically a bunch of pills and potions) and it seems to be working pretty well for me.

The only exciting thing all weekend I did was go to the AfroDizziAct and Kafka joint CD launch at The Zoo on Sat night. I went on my own - something I usually do a lot, but this was the first time this year as my friends have actually had the time/money/inclination to go to all of the gigs I've wanted to go to.

But anyway, it was a good gig. I arrived halway through the first band (whose name I didn't catch). The best thing about them was the guy playing the bongos - geez he was good! And the bass player was fantastic as well. Overall, they were kind of funky, but nothing to write home about Maybe a 3.5 out of 5

Next up were Kafka, who played a great set that I happily bopped around to. For such young lads, they certainly can play! I would descibe them as a jazzy funk sort of sound.

Then Spankinhide did their set down to the right of the stage. They're a bunch of people playing the bongo's and related percussion instruments - they sound kind of African and have infectious beats. I was having a lovely time - great view, heaps of room to dance - and then this tall guy with absolutely no sense of rhythm comes and stands in front of me. So I couldn't see a thing and he kept on stepping back onto my toes. Not happy Jan. I will never understand why tall people feel the need to stand directly in front of short people. But this guy seemed pretty gone on something (drugs or alcohol, I couldn't tell), so it's likely he didn't even notice my existence, let alone the inconvenience he was causing me.

AfroDizziAct started up almost as soon as Spankinhide finished their set. They're funk/rap and have a great twangy bass as the basis for most songs. Love their stuff and this set certainly didn't disappoint. I first saw these guys as a support for Taxi - they do lack the humour of Taxi, but probably have a more mainstream, less Brisbane-centric quality to their music because of it. And they're just as good sound-wise.

I stayed up the front for maybe half of their set, but then I had to go to the back and sit down - my feet were killing me from the guy standing on them during Spankinhide and they needed a break. Unfortunately, sitting down, my ennui returned and I headed home before Afro finished their set.

And then spent Sunday returning to my previoius activity of intensive sleeping.

I've just finished reading a bit of Di's e-book. So far, it's good. I like it. Go read it. And yep, that's an order! ;o)

Listening to: my new AfroDizziAct CD


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