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new music

I've decided that I'm going to go nuts and buy a bunch of CDs I've been wanting.

Now I just have to narrow down the list...

1. Brendan Benson - Lapalco

2. Matthew Sweet - (there's a couple here - I'd like to complete my collection, particularly Kimi Ga Suki if I can find it)

3. The Thorns - s/t (I love the song "Blue" - it's very Matthew)

4. The Frames - I have 2 of their albums, I'd like to see what else I can find in Australia

5. Belle & Sebastian - again, have 2, would like more

6. Machine Translations - Venus Traps Fly

7. Machine Gun Fellatio - On Ice & Bring it on

8. Gwen Stefani's album (you can tell how often I buy mainstream music by the fact that I have no idea what it's called! *g*)

9. Darren Hanlon - Little Chills

10. Pete Murray - Feeler (the 2nd mainstream album on my list)

11. The Gin Club - s/t

12. The 9th Wave - Falling from a cliff

13. AfroDizziAct - they have a new CD being launched this weekend

14. Kafka - ditto

I'm sure there's heaps more that I've forgotten right now. I usually have a list of about 100 CDs I want to buy, but I can't find it right now.

Listening to: Benjamin Wagner - Big Rock Candy Mountain


Blogger ozbhoy said...

When you buy the Darren Hanlon album can you let me know what it's like.

12:36 pm  
Blogger tokenwoman said...

Re: number 8- Love Angel Music Baby. Not a bad album at all, although most of the music I listen to is mainstream :)

1:51 pm  
Blogger SwissToni said...

Belle & Sebastian are great. You can't beat a bit of fey, whey-faced indie now and again, can you?

"Dear Catastrophe Waitress" is great, but pretty much any of their others will do ("If you're feeling sinister" is my personal fave)


8:05 pm  

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