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My mind seems to be going all over the place at the moment. I'm not really sure why. So instead of going to the gym like a good little girl, I'm sitting here and typing up a post instead. ;o)


I'm feeling better now. I used a combination of suggestions from the comments to my last post about this, and my tummy has settled down a bit. I'm still not 100% and there's still obviously something not quite right, but I'm actually keeping most of my meals down now. Mind you, most of my meals are still pretty bland, since I can't face anything too rich, creamy or greasy. But it's a definite improvement! So thanks everyone.


I would have replied to everyone's comments to my last post in the comments, but blogger is not letting me, so I'll comment in this post instead (links are to the comments, not to the commenter).

Ozbhoy - I have listened to Little Chills before, but don't own it for myself. I really like it, but not quite as much as Hello Stranger (which I already own).

tokenwoman - thanks for that. Always handy to know the name of the album if you want to go buy it! ;o)

SwissToni - I've already got "Dear Catastrophe Waitress" (I agree, it's great) and "Fold Your Hands Child..." and I'm now looking at other albums. Unfortunately, it will probably depend on what's available over here to some extent, though I might order in eventually.

Regardless, I haven't actually gone and bought any of them yet.

And seeing as I just spent $100 on a proper polar fleece (I've been wanting one for ages, and it was 1/2 price on sale, so I grabbed it), I may have to do the sensible thing and wait for a bit. Especially since there's a couple of bands releasing new CDs soon - and they're the kind of bands that I'd buy their CD straight away and not just add it to my list. *sigh* So many CDs, so little money.

Tsunami conspiracy theories

I've heard all of the conspiracy theories about September 11 (the US government organised it themselves so they could invade Afganistan) and the Bali bombings (similar deal, but the Aussie government instead), but now I'm starting to hear conspiracy theories about the Tsunami disaster!

Now I have trouble taking September 11 and Bali bombing theories seriously - if the US or Aussie government really wanted to invade Afganistan, I doubt very much they would have attacked in the way they did. I think it's far more likely that they would have organised for Afganistan to invade another country and then leap to that country's aid - like what happened with Kuwait. Why does everything have to be the fault of western government? Can't these people accept that sometimes bad things are done by militant groups that aren't attached to the US? *sigh*

But the Tsunami conspiracy theories really tick me off. This idea that someone has been setting off nuclear devices on the floor of the ocean so that 3rd world countries would be devastated by the results? Oh please! What is the possible benefit? These countries are not major powers in world politics or economics, and setting off a nuclear device on the floor of the ocean is not a good way to test it. And even if it was, that particular area was known for having a fault line, so why pick there?

I think that blaming what happened cheapens the disaster. It was a natural disaster people, they happen, get over it. We should be focussing on how to help these people, not looking for a world power to blame for it.

My garden

A couple of weeks ago, I bought some plants for my garden. All are still alive (a miracle in itself - I enjoy gardening, but I'm not particularly good at it), and one of my plants is flowering.

Here is a photo:

New Tattoo

I'm thinking of getting a new tattoo. Maybe one of Escher's knots.

I've been a big fan of Escher since I was in primary school. I think he was the first artist that I knew his name and was obsessed by his stuff. He was certainly the first artist that I could recognise his work before I knew it was done by him.

I really like Escher's more complicted drawings, but obviously they are too compicated to put on my skin as a tattoo. Though I have wondered whether this would be too complicated... I'll have to ask my tattoo artist.

Listening to: The Frames - Setlist


Blogger Bliss said...

Yah, I think it's do-able, but you'd probably have to commit to something pretty big - back-tat big.

3:28 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

That's what I thought - I'm prepared to go to about 15cm square for it, but no larger since I don't want anything too obvious (I'm very aware of the need to hide any tattoos for work).


3:41 pm  

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