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BRW client choice awards

I found that reading through these was really interesting.

- the main article

- Best Small Law Firm - Holding Redlich

- Best Value Firm - Hopgood Ganim Lawyers

- Best Large Law Firm - Allens Arthur Robinson

- Best Specialist Firm - Phillips Ormonde & Fitzpatrick

- Market Leader - Mallesons Stephen Jaques

State Awards
- NSW - Horwath New South Wales (accounting)
- Vic - Arup Australasia (engineers)
- SA - Minter Ellison (Adelaide) (law)
- WA - RSM Bird Cameron (accounting)
- Qld - KPMG Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Mooloolaba) (accounting)

I'm a little amazed that Hopgood Ganim was up there - I've always found them to be absolute shits to deal with on a matter, often thinking they know stuff that they don't. But then, they did get Best Value, not best overall.

Allens expects their staff to treat the client like God and put their personal lives second to the client. No real surprises there. It's one of the reasons why I've always avoided the place like the plague. It's a little surprising that the managing partner actually said it in an interview though.

And Mallesons said they focussed on staff learning and firm-wide values. I've heard that about them from other sources as well. But market leader? I'd always heard that they were one of the fuddy-duddy firms in terms of technology, so I'm a bit surprised by that one as well.

I don't really know much about the others, but I've always found KPMG pleasant to deal with, and they don't seem to work their staff quite as hard as the big law firms, so I'm pleased they got best in Queensland.

I got the link from Ivan, and would have commented over there, but he doesn't have comments (how could someone not have comments? Most blogs I read would lack 90% of their interest to me without them - but I still read Ivan's blog... so far! ;o) )

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