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I don't understand the answer, but I may have some ideas on the question...

So tired...

I really should learn not to go out on school nights. Especially two in a row.

Tuesday night I went to The Woodenhearts Collective at the Troubadour - it's sort of an amateurs night for singer/songwriters. Apparently you send in your CD and they pick out 4 a night to play every Tuesday night. Anyway, I went because a friend of a friend was playing. I was pretty impressed with the first 3 acts, but had to go before the 4th came on.

Last night, I had a date. Went to see Million Dollar Baby. Oh my wordy lordy, I cried so much! It was thoroughly engrossing, very funny, very sad, very human. Not a real action film (don't go for the boxing, there really isn't that much - but I thought that was a good thing), but a film for anyone who is a student of human behaviour. It raises some big issues: euthanasia being one of them. I thought it was brilliant. I'd recommend it to anyone.

So probably not the best date movie though. I think he was trying to get a bit snuggly (kept on pressing his leg and arm against mine), but I tend to curl up and get as foetal as possible when I'm upset. Also, the cinema was freezing, so I was trying to tuck any exposed bits into clothed bits. And of course, I walked out if it with red eyes and a swollen nose - always an attractive look.

Today I feel like crap. I didn't sleep well last night, and was sick this morning just after I ate breakfast. I'd almost think it was morning sickness if I didn't know better. I don't feel so bad now, almost human again in fact. But I've already told my boss that I'm not sure if I'll last the day. Thankfully, we're pretty quiet here at the moment and he's cool with me taking off on time-off-in-lieu (which I accumulated heaps of when sitting in my bosses job) for the afternoon if I want to. Which could be a good thing - a decent rest, a quiet night, a leisurely dinner... before the madness of the weekend starts!

Listening to: Snow Patrol


Blogger ozbhoy said...

Dont know if you have seen 'White Hunter, Black Heart' also directed by Eastwood. I have never really rated him as an actor but he really has a good sense of storytelling and this film loosely based on the filming of 'The African Queen' with Eastwood playing the director is a fantastic film. Worth seeing.
I'm glad 'Million Dollar Baby' is good as I was looking forward to seeing it.

5:35 pm  
Blogger Mister Alphabet said...

I love weekend madness.

6:25 pm  
Blogger SwissToni said...

Snow Patrol? Cool! Still listening to that one huh? Me too.

Damn that's a good album.


7:34 am  
Blogger OLS said...

ozbhoy - no, haven't seen 'White Hunter, Black Heart', but I have generally liked Eastwood's later projects. He doesn't have great range as an actor, but he's usually cast himself well.

Mr A - nice to see you around. You haven't been posting much to your own blog and I'd started to wonder if you were still reading. And yep, the weekend is looking particularly mad this weekend. Mostly fun mad though.

SwissToni - yep, it's still on pretty high rotation for me. I tend to go through stages with CDs - I'll listen to them over and over until I'm practically word perfect, and then I won't listen to them for ages.

Hmmm... comments from all the boys yesterday. Can't wait to see what today's post brings... ;o)


10:34 am  

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