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Things you see!

Despite all my plans to go home early yesterday, it didn't happen, so I was still at my desk at 5:30pm when The Nymph calls and asks me if I want to go to Sexpo with her and her flatmate since they'd scored free tickets. And do I do the sensible thing, turn her down and have my quiet night in? Of course not! I mean, it's not the sort of thing I'd pay to go to, but if you've got the opportunity to take up a free ticket, why not?

It was certainly an eye opener. The crowd was mostly couples and younger girls in groups. The stalls ran the gamut from information stalls handing out pamphlets, to sex stores, to legal brothels advertising their services, to girly magazines offering photos with their practically-naked models if you bared your chest (for girls) or dropped your pants (for guys). I saw more vibrators than I knew existed. I chatted to a madam (well, a brothel owner). I discovered that foot fetish actually means that the guy likes being, ummm... handled by the girl's feet (I just thought it meant they liked feet). I found out about eggs and bunnies. I particularly liked the remote-control egg offered by Pash parties - a girl could give the remote to her boy so he can give her a thrill from across the room - gives a whole new meaning to "Are you coming home?" ;o)

I discovered just how innocent I really am.

We were given a free vibrator as we walked in the door and I looked at it and said to The Nymph, "it's kind of small isn't it?" - only to be told that apparently the smaller size means that it's also good for guys to use for anal stimulation. :oO I never knew.

Though I was impressed that I knew what B&D was (and the difference between that and S&M) and The Nymph didn't. I think I watch way too much Law and Order.

I bought some chocolate body paint for TBF for her birthday - she should get a giggle out of that and I think she and TBFH could probably do with some spicing up their sex lives now that they have the bub. Though I'm guessing they could probably do with some sleep more! ;o)

And I bought myself a showbag. It was just like Ekka, only with condoms and sex toys instead of fluffy dice and lollies.

I think the look of wide-eyed incredulation still hasn't left my face!

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Blogger the urban fox said...

Due to my bad habit of scanning before I've actually started reading, the first sentence I read was "We were given a free vibrator as we walked in the door". Cue confused scrolling back to learn exactly what sort of Australian venue gives this type of freebie out at the door. Heh.

11:41 am  
Blogger OLS said...

*chuckles* I like it. Giving Aussie venue a bad (good?) name by my sentence and paragraph structure.

So maybe I shouldn't mention here that I had a $3 quick fuck on Saturday night? Relax people, it's a drink!


12:42 pm  

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