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Everything you ever wanted to ask a lawyer, but were afraid to ask

The Lawyer Guy opened his blog to questions and got a lot of 'em, including:-

- if it's okay to kill someone really annoying

- why is necrophilia illegal?

- biting dogs, trespasser traps and ownership of abandonned skyscrapers

- copyright, obscene tattoos, and lawyers feelings

So I thought maybe I'd do the same thing, or perhaps a more generic All Request Day like Sherry does. I know there are non-lawyers reading (and I'll even answer questions from lawyers) - is there some burning issue you want me to answer? I promise I'll answer - if you're lucky, I may even answer correctly/honestly. Just ask your question in the comments.

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Blogger Aurelius said...


Okay, here's a basic one.

If I give you a gift, assuming it is definitely mine to give (leaving aside copyright, mortgaged goods etc), is it mine?
What evidence do I need to say it's mine?
Are there any items I can own, which I cannot give to you?


3:05 pm  
Blogger Diana Gallagher said...

No questions from me, but I would like to point out that you were in my dream this morning. At least the presence of you was in my dream, aI don't actually knw what you look like. Don't ask me what you were doing. I've no idea.

11:02 am  
Blogger ozbhoy said...

Given that a pre-emptive strike has been accepted on a global scale and thousands can be killed on a presumption. And also given that the presumption was incorrect.
Would a person be able to pre-emptively stike another perhaps causing serious harm and legally get away with it?
Even if the pre-emptive strike was proven to be wrongful?

11:54 am  

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