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site inspection

I'm going on a site inspection tomorrow. It's at a place where I'm fully expecting to get dirt and mud and other grot all over me. I have to wear steel-caps. And a hard hat. It's that sort of place.

But of course, the dilemma always is - how casual do I dress? Of course, I'm not going to wear my usual business suit. But I don't really want to wear my best jeans either in case they get irretrievably stained by something yukky. But I still want to look relatively professional, so I don't want to wear my grottiest clothes either. *sigh* It's always the middle ground that's the hardest to find.

So I've compromised. I went out today and bought a pair of cheap $40 jeans that still look okay, but I won't care if they get marked. I probably wouldn't have worn them out anyway, and I'll still wear them pottering around the garden even if they have marks on them. So I think it should be a good investment. And if they get marked stylistically, who knows? They may even be suddenly trendy? ;o)

Listening to: TerraFolk radio - specifically, their first album. The singer manages to make clucking like a chicken sound musical on the 2nd song


Blogger ozbhoy said...

your new colour scheme is difficult to read, well for me anyway. I actually skimmed through instead of reading due to it being hard on my eyes.

9:46 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

My new colour scheme? I haven't changed my colour scheme in months!

Can you give me some more info? In what way is it hard on the eyes?


11:53 am  
Blogger ozbhoy said...

It's gone back to normal today.
Perhaps blogger was being a shit or your page did not load correctly.
To remain forever an unsolved mystery.

12:45 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

Oh well that's alright then.

Out of curiosity, what did it look like?

- 0LS

1:42 pm  
Blogger ozbhoy said...

It was a dark background with the witing in a slightly less shade of dark, nigh on impossible to read.
Damn blogger.

12:44 am  

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