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Comments? What comments?

Reading through my Blo.gs list at lunchtime yesterday, I came across this post by Ivan referring to the last paragraph of my post linking his post:

I got the link from Ivan, and would have commented over there, but he doesn't have comments (how could someone not have comments? Most blogs I read would lack 90% of their interest to me without them - but I still read Ivan's blog... so far! ;o))

For the record Ivan, I was actually having a go at you for not having comments enabled on your blog so that I could add my 2c about that article (and this reply as well if you will), not for not commenting about the article in your post. I like comments. I don't email about blog entries*, I comment on the blog itself - that way everyone can get involved! ;o) So the only way I can comment on your blog at the moment, is by blogging about it myself. You've posted about a lot of stuff that I'd be interested in commenting on, but without comments enabled...

That said, it was (and is) a lighthearted dig. Obviously it's your blog and you can do what you want with it. Just like I can talk about shoes and toenail polish on here if I so desire. ;o)

One of your comments, I disagree with. You said:

So, if a major client rings on Friday at 7.30pm and says that something needs to be done on Monday by 9.00am, no firm would say no.

I know of many firms who would say no. Or at least question whether the Monday deadline is completely necessary. Especially if the client is a repeat offender. Sure, BigLaw firms wouldn't, but smaller firms rely on mutual respect with their clients (which, from memory, is something along the lines of what the winner of "Best Small Law Firm" said). Which is why I think they tend to have a better work/life balance and retain their staff. After all, AAR is notorious for their high staff turnover in the junior ranks.

Of course, this is coming from a government lawyer who still manages to work 12 hour days... ;o)

* mainly because I don't have access to the email address attached to my blog at work and I read most of the blogs on my Blo.gs listing during breaks at work.

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Blogger OLS said...

It seems he's thinking about it (ie about turning comments on).

Well Ivan, you know mine is a "yes" vote... ;o)


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