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Nothing changes

I put in a job application today. I've known about it for 2 weeks and did the preliminary work on it ages ago. But I still left it until the last minute, wrote it last night and was frantically checking it for spelling mistakes, accuracy in describing legislation and so on today.

Which is just like what I did when I was at uni. I used to do all of the preliminary research pretty early on. I would photocopy the relevant bits of the relevant textbooks and looseleafs, and then it would all sit on my desk until the day before the assignment was due, when I would spend all night reading the research and usually wouldn't be writing it up until the day it was due. I never did multiple drafts the way conscientious students would. No, I had one draft if I was lucky and that was just so I could get TBF to check my spelling and grammar. Then it was frantically correcting the errors she'd found, printing it out and frequently sprinting across campus so I got it in for the 5pm deadline. Each time, I would promise myself (and TBF) that I would get it done earlier next time, and yet, each time I still left it until the last minute.

Which make it fairly surprising that I always got very good grades on my assignments.


As part of the 3-week Detox program I'm on, I'm supposed to be changing my diet. I didn't really bother too much about it last week, since most of the stuff I was supposed to cut out I don't tend to eat anyway. The only real change was that I had to cut out sweets/cordial and alcohol. I can really relate to what Markham must be going through - a year without alcohol! I'm having trouble going for 3 weeks and I'm really not a big drinker. But you feel like a bit of a wowser turning down that glass of wine with dinner: "No, just water will be fine thanks". And there are some events that you're just not interested in paying a fortune to go to if you can't take advantage of the free alcohol. Anyway...

Alcohol aside, it's been easy to stick pretty close to the "foods to avoid". Until this week. Because this week, pretty much the entire list of my staple diet is cut out - no wheat, no yeast (so no yummy bread or pasta), no eggs, no dairy. About the only things that I can eat which I usually eat are fruit and veg, fish and rice.

I bought myself some of that bread for celiacs, but it smells funny and doesn't taste much better. I toast the hell out of it and smother it with hummus or avocado (since I can't have butter - it's dairy) to make it edible.

I bought soy yogurt and soy milk to go on my wheat-free, yeast-free breakfast cereal. Thankfully, it doesn't taste half bad and is nice and filling.

And I'm having rice cakes with hummus, dried fruit and nuts, and a piece of fresh fruit for lunch.

So far, so good. But I only started it yesterday and I'm already drooling at the thought of some nice fried, scrambled or boiled eggs with fresh, lightly-toasted wholemeal bread. *groan*

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