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long weekend

I've got so much happening this weekend, it's probably just as well that I have 4 days to do it in.

Tonight I'm off to see Damien Rice at the Tivoli. Before that, the Teacher is having a birthday dinner and I said I'd go along to that until about 8:30 or 9pm. And would join them again after the gig if they're still going strong.

Tomorrow, I've got T's sister's tupperware party. T&S have had to go north for S's grandmother's funeral and I've promised that I'll go along to the party to help out T's sister with the orders and the like.

If I'm feeling up to it on Sat night, I'm thinking of heading along to Rics to see Wes Davidson's set. The Law Student said that she'll be going, but I may need to just catch up on some sleep.

Because Sunday night, I'm heading off to see Faithless at the Brisbane Convention Centre with the Vegetarian. I haven't seen him since that dinner he had when he first got back from overseas, so I still haven't really caught up with him. And the last time Faithless toured here, we went to that gig together, so it feels a little like deja vu. I think it was at that gig that I promised him that if we were both still single by the time we reached a certain age, then I'd marry him and have his children. Problem is, I can't remember what age I said. It may have been 30, in which case I'm already breaking my promise. Ooops!

I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off work (I love time off in lieu!), partially because of the gig on Sunday night, and partially because I'm seeing Tim Freedman with the Australian Chamber Orchestra on Monday night with my Mum and Genie. Which is also why I'm having Tuesday off.

I ordered the rest of the Buffy seasons a while back and they've arrived at my folks' place, so I'm guessing that at least part of my weekend back home will be spent watching some of that. This now means that I have every season from 1 to 7 on DVD. I know, I'm a little scary. But I do really like my Buffy. And I didn't get to see much of Season 7 as it aired very late in Australia and I was overseas for much of it.

Katie and Nick from george were on Australian Idol last night. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, since both Hayley and Casey sang george songs on "own choice" night. But I was, nonetheless. Since george are very much the indy band made good, and Australian Idol is about packaging an "instant" star.
Photo from Australian Idol's website.

Katie looked gorgeous as per usual, but the other shock was that Nick has cut his hair! It used to be really long (nearly to his waist I think) and now it's shoulder length and wasn't pulled back into his usual ponytail. I didn't recognise him at first. It made me realise how long it's been since I've seen these guys live.

So I'm just listening to their latest CD.

Listening to: george - Unity


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We're off to the Tivoli tonight to see Adam and Will. Should be good.

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