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bloody cyclists

Warning: rant about cyclists to follow

I have yet another bruise forming on my arm. Why? Because the bloody cyclists in this town can't learn simple rules of etiquette, such as footpaths* are for feet not wheels! I mean it's quite simple really - if you're on a bicycle, you are a vehicle* and should be on the road. If you can't ride on the road because of the volume of traffic, then hop off your bloody bike and push it along the footpath! There are exceptions to the rule that ridden bikes belong on the roads - they are called dedicated bike paths, but just because there is a footpath leading to the dedicated bike path, doesn't give you the right to take over the footpath as well.

* “footpath” means an area open to the public that is designated for, or has as 1 of its main uses, use by pedestrians. (And a pedestrian does not include a bicycle)
“vehicle” includes any type of transport that moves on wheels (and includes a bicylcle)
(see Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995)

This will mean that you won't have to run into people and ring your bloody little bell at them (which, I may add, is just rude - it's like honking your horn at someone) because you'll be able to control the bloody contraption you insist on taking through the busy city streets. And maybe sometimes I don't hear you ringing your bloody little bell because I have headphones on and am listening to music - which is perfectly legal and never a problem with pedestrian traffic - on the rare occasion that they're moving faster than me, they can easily move around me on the footpath instead of running over me. And I check the roads visually for traffic (like cars and bikes) when I encroach onto their "zone" in circumstances where I don't have a little green man showing me I can cross at will. So don't cuss at me and call it my fault when you are the one in the wrong for riding on the footpath in the first place mate. There are these things called road rules you know - just because as a cyclist you're not required to be licensed, doesn't mean you can't be booked for breaking them! Pfeh!


Now that that's over, check these out - they're a crack up!

30 second movies re-enacted by bunnies:
- The Exorcist
- Alien
- The Shining
- Titanic
- Jaws

The "Titanic" was the one I laughed hardest at.

Listening to: 30 second movies re-enacted by bunnies


Blogger verbs said...

Lol...the bunnies! cute.

I grew up in a place where cyclists were flat out not allowed on footpaths. It took me ages to get used to it in Brisbane.

8:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for domino's here in Florida and while I am an avid cyclist who obeys the rules of the road, I almost hit one of these little b*tches (12 years old) when he rode his bike out in front of me.

11:41 pm  

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