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Fire drills

Oh man, I hate fire drills and false alarms. In the last week, I've had 2 at home and 1 at work and I'm truly sick of them.

Why is it that work always seems to have fire drills at morning tea time? And then they're so surprised when we all disappear off and have coffee with our colleagues rather that standing around in the sun in the designated meeting place for half an hour.

And why are the false alarms at home always just when I have fallen off to sleep... usually around 11pm or midnight. I really want to know what people are doing to set off their alarm at that hour... actually, maybe I don't.

There has been some discussion lately about in this post about blogging about matters that are privileged. This is something I haven't done to date. Because I don't blog about my job all that often. The reason? The work I'm doing at the moment is a great, big yawn. It puts me to sleep, so I don't really talk about it that often, even with friends. Also, it's fairly political and policy oriented, and even the little bits I would be interested enough to talk about, I couldn't. So I don't. I expect this will change next year, and it's likely that I'll start blogging more about my job then.

Thinking of next year, I'm starting to get all excited by the idea of doing the full season of the Woodford Folk Festival, which runs from Boxing Day to New Year's Day each year. I've been going pretty much every year since 1997, but have only ever done the one day. It runs from about 9am to about 2am usually, so I pack a lot into that one day (and then usually sleep in my car in the carpark before driving home at dawn), but I've never done the season (6 nights) because the people I know who go to Woodford each year are all performers and they camp in a different area from the general public. And camping on your own is a bugger - all that equipment for one person? Too much hassle.

But this year, I actually know non-performers who are going. Well, they're actually the boyfriend and friends of the Law Student and I don't know them that well. So it sort of depends on whether she will be going or not. I don't mind spending most of my time doing festival things on my own, I pretty much expect to whether she goes or not, since it's likely that we will be interested in different things. But I don't feel comfortable about camping with a bunch of people I barely know unless she's there. From those I've met, I'm sure they'd be friendly and very cool about me camping with them, but it's still camping for a week with a bunch of strangers.

Anyway, I should be able to borrow most of the camping gear I/we may need from my brother (still waiting for him to get back to me on that), but I will need to buy a camp cot/stretcher. It always rains at least one day at Woodford, and I'm told the best way to be sure that your stuff stays dry is to sleep on a camp cot/stretcher and have your clothes and stuff up on camp chairs.

I checked out a few camp cots last night and they seem to vary pretty dramatically in price from about $30 to nearly $100 for a fairly standard looking cot. Anyone know the difference/what to look for?

You can get cool one's like this:

Which convert into a lounger, but that one is $100, and I'm not sure I want to spend that much money on one, unless the extra money will be worth it.

And at the other end of the range, is this one:

which is only $30, but I'm wondering if there's a reason for that? I really don't want a camp cot that will collapse underneath me if I try to roll over.

I'll probably put my yoga mat on top of it for a bit of extra comfort, so I'm not too worried about that aspect. But I'd rather spend $100 on something that will last a few years than $30 on something that I'll only be able to use once. You know? I'm thinking I might get a bit of use out of it at home as well, when guests stay over and the spare bed is being used - that sort of thing. But that will only work if it's comfortable.

I'm hoping to head off to the camping store this weekend and check a few out. Got too much to get done at lunchtime today and it looks like I won't get lunch tomorrow.

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Blogger Lushlife said...

What a coincidence - we were discussing fire drills at work yesterday afternoon. At my last position a new policy came in with regard to congregating after the evacuation process - we are NOT to go to one place and mill around. It was thought a bunch of public servants milling around for roll call was a better target than a couple of hundred public servants taking off to various coffee shops. I am not sure if that policy was particular to that particular building which happened to be located close to a Jewish synagogue - but hey I think its worth trying to get that policy phased into the evacuation procedures for all Government buildings.

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