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anyone wanna buy a ticket to Damien Rice?

When tickets to Damien Rice first went on sale, I bought two, figuring that chances were someone would want to go and I wasn't sure if the gig would sell out (given that Belle and Sebastian did and Damien Rice seemed to be almost as big as B&S were in the UK).

Now of course, the gig hasn't sold out, my friends have shown a distinct lack of interest (well, the one who was keen has a 21st to go to that night), and I'll be down about $55 if I can't sell it on.

I don't really have any problems going to the gig by myself. It will be a good gig (the support is Gorgeous, an ex-Brisbane band that I also like) and I'll just try and time it to get there about when Gorgeous start so that I'm not hanging around too much on my own. One of the advantages of going to a gig on my own is that it's much easier to wiggle through to somewhere near the front when there's just one of you. Especially since I'm short - guys often let me stand in front of them so I can see.

But I think I'm stressing about the spare ticket. I woke up at 4am this morning with it on my mind. Of course, the actual waking up at 4am part was probably mostly because of my sore throat (hanging over from being sick last week, but it got worse last night), not because I was stressing about selling the ticket, but the mere fact that I was obviously dreaming about it is enough. I mean logically, I know this is stupid - it's only $55, not all that much in the overall scheme of things, but I hate to waste money, especially that much money. And it does seem to be just a waste to have a ticket that doesn't get used.

I'm thinking that I might ask T (of T&S) if she wants to come with me as a girl's night out if I can't sell it by Thursday - that way, at least the ticket is being used, even if I'm not getting any money for it. And I get to have a night out with T, which I never get to do anymore. It will probably depend on whether she and S already have plans - otherwise, I'm sure S would be cool with her having a night out while he looks after the bub. He's done it before and left her with the bub. And she's not breastfeeding anymore or anything. Ah well, we'll see.

Listening to: Damien Rice - O (still/again)


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