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pink toenails

I went over to the Nymph's place for dinner last night. We did the whole CSI and take-away thing. Anyway, we were talking about toes and I pointed out that one of my toenails is still a purpley colour from hiking when I went down to Melbourne. So she decides to paint my toenails pink. It was cool - I've never had someone else paint my toenails before.

The reason why the whole toenails thing came up is because I'm on the lookout for a pair of work sandals - something summery, yet professional-looking that looks equally good with a skirt or slacks. It's not easy, particularly as I hate stilletos and those stupid little kitten heels seem to be in this summer. Yuk.

I quite like these ones that I tried on yesterday:

but I'm not sure about the white stitching.

I also like these:

and these:

and these:

but I've only seen them online and it would depend on what they look like on - they're all DF Supersoft and those shoes can look really dowdy. I guess I'll be off to the shops at lunchtime today.

I was really ticked off with my flatmate this morning. He keeps on leaving the front door open and it annoys the crap out of me. Mainly because my bedroom door is right next to the front door. And my bathroom door is next to that. So I leave the bathroom this morning wrapped in a towel to duck into my bedroom and change and the front door is wide open and one of my neighbours gets a good view. Not happy, Jan. So I close the door on my way into my bedroom and my flatmate has a go at me! Because he was just on his way out. Sure, that's all well and good, but how hard is it to close a door behind you and re-open it on your way out again! Or at the very least close it enough to block the view of passing traffic, even if you don't close it all the way. It was obvious I was in the shower (you can't miss the sound of it in our place) and if he had thought about it even a little bit he should have realised that I wouldn't want to be running around in full view of the neighbourhood in my towel. I'm still feeling narky about it.

A couple of little things he does do really annoy me. Like he puts his horrible sweaty, smelly, dirty clothes into the washing machine but doesn't put it on. So when I go to do my washing on the weekend, I have to pull them out again to be able to put my clothes in. And because they've been sitting in the washing machine for days they reek. It's enough to make me gag. Eugh.

And he never throws out his food that's gone off. It just sits in the fridge until I decide that it's gone past the ridiculous stage (like milk that's a week past its use-by date) and throw it out for him. We each buy our own food, have separate shelves in the fridge and the cupboard, and don't share anything except for cleaning stuff, so it's not like he doesn't know it's his.

But I still think he's basically a good flatmate. He's pretty easy going and relatively clean (for a boy) in the communal areas (his bedroom is a pigsty, but I don't have to go in there so I don't care - I suspect that's the reason why his girlfriend spends so little time at our place though). We don't fight over money and he's rarely home on the weekend, so I can pretty much clean the place up when I feel like it. And he's not psycho like my last flatmate before I went overseas - and that's always a good thing! ;o)

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Blogger Lushlife said...

If your going to bare your feet for summer than a pedicure is a must and will really set your feet apart from the rest particularly those women who have horror of horrors - cracked heels - Yuk. I swear by a pedicure for summer. After I have had one like I did last week I can just stare and stare and admire my toes forever (in fact I was almost going to post a picture but thought that might attract some strange foot fetishist) then I can't wait to wear those strappy shoes to show them off. It is virtually impossible to paint your own toenails as far as I am concerned. I am just happy I no longer pay $60 for a pedicure and have found that the beautician at my hairdresser does them for a much more reasonable $35. I am so wanting to go and check out some sandals - I just don't have the time dammit!

I am so glad I live with my husband and I can openly discuss our living issues - although once your married I think its called nagging. My sister gave me a rundown of all her flatmate problems this morning and all I could say to her is if you don't bring it up they will just think everything is all okay.

6:49 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

I've actually never had a pedicure or facial or anything like that in my life.

My feet are always a mess - I do too much walking and hiking and they have blisters or recovering blisters permanently. But my skin is quite pale so they aren't very obvious.

I'm lucky that my toenails are a nice shape without me needing to do a lot of work on them. It's probably just as well - I'm just as bad with my fingernails, which is why they are always short!

As for my flatmate, I have told him about the dirty clothes in the washing machine thing, but he still does it. I'm generally pretty laid-back as a flatmate - I think people are always going to do things you don't like, it's just the degree of annoyance that varies. And generally my degree of annoyance with my flatmate is very low, so I don't see any point in making waves by nagging.

Doesn't stop me from whinging about him occassionally though! ;o)


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