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feeling almost human again

I managed to have a really good weekend, even though it was very quiet. I decided not to go up to my folks place, as the road to Toowoomba had been cut by bushfires on Thursday and Friday and they were saying that it was likely that it would be cut again over the weekend.

So instead, I did my token bit of cleaning by getting my bathroom in a respectable state on Saturday morning, voted around lunchtime (Liberal won - that's the conservative party here - little Johnny Howard must be a very happy boy - it seems committing us to war in Iraq hasn't hurt his popularity at all) and I headed over to T&S on Saturday afternoon to avoid my flatmate's party and stayed on until Sunday lunchtime. I'm very glad I did, for multiple reasons:

- apparently there were 50 people at our place for the party

- I got to babysit for a couple of hours Sat arvo while T&S were looking at cars (they have to buy one by early Nov, because S has a new job and will lose his company car, but gets a car rebate with his new job)

- And I got to babysit again that night while T&S were at a party next-door. I mostly just watched TV though - the bub mostly slept through - I watched Toy Story 2 on TV and then Charlotte Gray on DVD, neither of which I'd seen before, though I had read the book of Charlotte Gray

- And again for about an hour on Sunday morning - I woke up early, so I was already awake when I heard the bub squeaking and went to him before he woke up his parents. This meant that they got to sleep in a bit and I got some quality time with him when he's at his best. I had to go and wake them up when he started squeaking againg though - I was pretty sure he was hungry, but I wasn't sure what he normally ate for breakfast.

- I got to chat to T on Sunday about the situation with Mum and my sister-in-law. It was good to just get it all off my chest and get some feedback from her on how best to deal with the situation.

The Ex was over at T&S's place on Sunday and it did sound like I'd missed a good gig - he wasn't particularly complimentary about Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males though.

Health-wise, I'm feeling better. I was still getting waves of nausea through Saturday and I'm very glad I was able to stay at T&S's place where I didn't have to battle with 50 people for use of the bathroom! ;o) Yesterday, I woke up feeling pretty good and even changed the bub's poo-y nappy without gagging. I was hungry nearly all day and ate a huge amount of food for one little person. I developed a massive headache during the course of the afternoon and ended up taking a couple of Mersyndol and falling asleep before 8:30pm (I know this because I was watching Australian Idol, and I was dozing during Courtney and missed Ricki-Lee completely). So I woke up this morning with a Mersyndol hangover and I'm still feeling a bit vague and out of it even now. But at least I'm eating and feeling almost human again.

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