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I found a pair of work sandals I liked - they were even on special at David Jones!

So I bought them.

I also saw another pair I liked - they're dressier and have one of those ridiculous kitten heels but were very comfortable. The first picture is what they look like, but I was looking at them in the colour called "nude", which is the colour of the second shoe. I'm just not sure that that colour (it's sort of a pale brown with pinky undertones in real life) will go well with my predominantly grey wardrobe.

It's my nephew's birthday this week, so the aim of the shopping expedition was actually to get him a birthday present.

I bought him this toy:

but I'm not sure whether I'll keep it for him or get him something different. It's pretty cool - it's about 60cm long all up and 20cm high and when you push down on the head of the driver, you get lights and sounds and the lion the elephant spin and the truck moves forward up to 2.4m (according to the box). But I'm a bit concerned that it might be too young for him (he'll be 2) - he loves trucks and loves vehicles that attach to each other, but this one has the self-propelling function and I'm not sure if he'll be able to push it along himself without damaging it. And that's what he'll really want to do - he makes the sound effects himself and pushes his trucks around.

I also saw this tow truck that has a car and a crane on the back. I think it was a Tonka toy, but if not, in the same vein. I'm thinking that may be more his style.

Last but not least, snaps to Courting Disaster for his mention in this article about Australian blawgs.

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Blogger Lushlife said...

I think the toy is perfect for a two year old boy. It is bright and colourful plus the toy animals are gorgeous. My son had something like it when he was 2 it was a train set with animals on it and he loved it. I am always amazed at how boys seem to instinctively know how to make vehicle noises and are so drawn to vehicular toys because it wasn't something we ever actually taught our son yet he showed the signs on cue.

7:53 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

I've just found out that the same toy will be on special today half price. So I'm going to take it back and buy the half price one and maybe get him the tow truck as well. That way, I'm covering my bases! ;o)


9:28 am  

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