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Google Day

I don't really get enough interesting Google queries to have a regular Google Day like Sherry, but I have had these couple of interesting ones over the time:

Q: "Why do guys keep flirting when they are in a long term relationship"

A: Because flirting is fun? I've never really understood why so many girlfriends get upset by their guy flirting. It's harmless fun as far as I'm concerned and as long as the flirting doesn't get physical, nothing to be worried about.

Q: "controversial subjects"

A: Try religion, politics, the environment, sexuality (including whether being gay is "normal" or not), and annoying behaviour of other people. I think I've written about most of these at one point or another. I may have to rant about the environment and sexuality more. ;o)

Q: "medieval sword fighting toowoomba"

A: Strangely a subject I know quite a lot about. A mate of mine does this and makes his own swords. However, the person trying to find a club in Toowoomba will have a lot of trouble I think - most of the clubs seem to be based on the Sunshine Coast. If he/she goes to any of the medieval fairs, they'll find them. Just approach one of the hangers-on and ask - they are a lot less scary than they look (and yes, I do know this from personal experience! ;o))

Q: "Missy Higgins Nude"

A: And something I know nothing about. Somehow, I doubt very much that there would be any naked photos of her out there. She doesn't seem like the type to get caught with her pants down (in either sense of the word). However, if you're asking about when she was dared to do a naked run as part of the Hottest 100 countdown, that I can tell you about. She didn't get No.1, so she didn't have to do it.

Q: "meet singles dating in ausie" (link to search)

A: And the same the next day thought a different search engine. And this person actually hung around and went to more than one page - check out the other links - being included in that little bunch is just a bit disturbing I must say. I'm open to dating Europeans, just not while they're in Europe and I'm in Australia. I do have a great friend living in London however... ;o)

If you want to find a dating service in Australia, I recommend going to the Australian version of Google and type in "online dating" and click on "Australia only" - you'll find thousands of them!

Q: "Eloping weddings Queensland" (link to search)

A: Not something I know a lot about. You still have to abide by the same rules as everywhere else in Australia - it's not Las Vegas, it's BrisVegas. Big difference. However, if you want a nice place to go, I'd recommend one of the Great Barrier Reef islands. They're very pretty and there's a lot of honeymooners up there that seem to agree with me. ;o)

Q: "barmaid+breasts" (link to search)

A: Yes, they have them. Unless they're not really barmaids, in which case they still have them, but they're not real.

Q: "euthanasia, no hope of recovery (link to search)

A: If you really want to know some views on this, see my post on Terri Schiavo. I don't get into it much, but I link to a whole bunch of other people there.

Q: Housing Manager's screaming at elder tenants (link to search)

A: Does this happen so often that you'd expect to get info from a web search? And what was the searcher wanting to know about it? Does it happen? Yes, I'm sure it does. Or was there some big news item about this that I missed?

Q: "the frames vampire song" (link to search)

A: And again a day later from Ireland. Again, one I can answer! It's called Devil Town and it's a cover of a song by Daniel Johnston. Bright Eyes also did a cover on a tribute album and you can see the lyrics here.

Q: "damien rice catholic" (link to search)

A: Another of those "why do they want to know?" queries. But I'd be guessing he is. After all, he's Irish! ;o)

Q: "moccona ad english accent" (link to search)

A: Shropshire. Gorgeous area, god awful accent. But man that boy in the ad is beautiful. And I dated a guy in Dublin that looked just like him. Shame he had no sense of humour... *sigh*

Q: "good bands Brisbane" (link to search)

A: And here's a topic I could really get my teeth into! But what's "good"? After all, if you follow the links to the bands I've listed to the left over there, you'll only find out about bands that I like. Which are usually bands that are really good musicians, but whether they're "good bands" really depends on your taste doesn't it?

I made #1 for a Chilean searching for "top 10 songs USA radios january 2005" - that's just disturbing.

Listening to: Garbage - Version 2.0


Blogger Suburban Hen said...

I never actually thought that maybe I could actually answer some of the strange google hits. This is quite funny.

10:55 am  
Blogger OLS said...

Yeah, it was fun. Sherry gets some really good ones.

I think the bigger my diary gets, the more google hits I get and the more interesting they get.


9:40 am  

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