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I haven't posted about my dating life for a while because there hasn't been anyone I've been really excited about. Still been dating, saw a couple of guys more than once, but no-one I'd make an effort for. You know?

Anyway, all of that changed on the weekend. I now have not one, but two guys that I'm kind of interested in. One is very cute, but seems a bit shy. The other is great company, but has more baggage than I do. Both were "coffee dates" and didn't last all that long, but I'd be keen to see a lot more of both guys. This is something of a revelation for me! I don't tend to like that many guys "that way" - I like guys, generally prefer them to girls actually, and I get the odd (okay, frequent) crush, but I'm not interested in that many guys as a potential boyfriend. So for me to have two actual real-life (not pie in the sky crushes) boys that I'm interested in at the same time? Wow!

Of course, because I'm oblivious to all signals and game-playing, I have no idea if either one is interested in me, but I'm an optimist. I'll assume they are unless or until I find out otherwise. ;o)

So anyway, that was part of what I did on the weekend. I also went over to TBF's place on Sat night for dinner and a DVD. We watched Wimbledon, which was a bit of highly enjoyable fluff. I'm not really a fan of Kirsten Dunst, but she did this role well and Paul Bettany is brilliant - that boy has such an expressive face. The rest of him ain't bad either. ;o)

And I pottered along to see Bernie Hayes at The Alley on Friday night as well. He did a great set with mostly audience requests. The supports were good as well - Melanie Horsnell was first up (she supported The Frames and I've talked about her before) and a band called Charley Horse was the second support. I didn't really watch either support (very unusual for me) - I was too busy up the back chatting to the gang. But I did like what I heard of Charley Horse - they are sort of a bit Stevie Plunder in style. Since Stevie was Bernie's brother, I thought that was kind of appropriate.

I was going to go and see Bernie again on Sunday night (at The Troubadour), but I stayed home and got my housework done instead. Aren't I good?

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Blogger the urban fox said...

Two! Excellent. Now all you need to do is devise a series of fiendshly complex challenges to work out which can have the honour of your company.

Or you could just grab 'em both and alternate nights. Now there's an idea!

9:51 am  
Anonymous OLS said...

*chuckles* I like the first idea better! ;o)

But no - I don't like guys competing over me - I discovered that when I was in NZ. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. I like my friends and want them to like each other, so I don't like it when they are jealous of each other and the time I spend with the other. :o(

I'll continue to see them both until I make up my mind which one I like (and whether he likes me), then I'll try to convert the one I don't choose (or who doesn't choose me) to a friend. Of course, I may also decide that I don't like either of them that much after spending time with them. That happens too. ;o)


10:02 am  

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