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I don't understand the answer, but I may have some ideas on the question...


Surely it's not a difficult concept. Correspondence comes in on a matter, it goes on the file. And if you can't manage to get it on a file, why not have a specific place where your filing is kept?

But no, apparently this is too hard for some people. I spent 2 hours yesterday looking for the original of a letter from the other side that I knew existed because there was a photocopy of it on the file. Unfortunately, the photocopy didn't really help me all that much because it was only of the first page and didn't have the attachments with it. There was no note on the photocopy of where the original letter or the attachments were. I went through all of the correspondence files (we're talking about 15cm height in paper here), and 30cm worth of miscellaneous documents looking for it in case it had been misfiled. Not to be found.

It was eventually located with a bunch of other loose documents in a box that was supposed to contain only the client's documents. But the attachments were not with the original letter either. And were not in the bundle of loose documents at all.

The search is still on.

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