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I don't understand the answer, but I may have some ideas on the question...


I saw the most beautiful girl last night. She would have been all of 14 or 15, tall and willowy with long, blonde, slightly wavy hair and the honey-coloured skin of a natural blonde. She wasn't wearing make-up, she was dressed simply in jeans and a top, and her hair was pulled off her face simply by a couple of bobby pins. Since I'm a heterosexual chick, I can't tell you if she was sexy or desirable, but I can tell you that she was gorgeous to look at. I kept on glancing back at her and I wanted to be able to watch her the same way I studied the paintings in the Louvre. I wanted to work out why she was so beautiful - what was it about her features that made her so stunning.

I wondered whether she was photogenic - whether she's been approached to do modeling or has actually done some. She wasn't super-thin like most models, so perhaps not. If that's the case, then I hope she doesn't as I don't think she would have been so beautiful if she lost some weight. I wondered if she would keep that beauty as she aged - whether she would still be head-turning gorgeous once her body shape changed and she lost the puppy-fat and the gleam to her skin.

I wondered if she had a good personality. A sense of humour. A decent brain. A mate of mine used to say that the more beautiful a girl was, the more neurotic she was, and the truly beautiful ones lacked personality and a sense of humour because they never had to develop them to get what they wanted. I wondered if this girl was like that. I wondered if she had always been beautiful. I wondered if the boys fell all over her or whether they were intimidated by her beauty. I wondered if they even found her as beautiful as I did. I wondered if she was interested in them.

I wondered about her hopes, her aspirations, her dreams, and her fears. I wondered if they were similar to mine at that age.

All of this went through my mind in the space of about 5 minutes. No wonder people have to stand in front of me or yell in my ear to get my attention. Most of the time, I'm just off in my own little world. ;o)

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Blogger the urban fox said...

You do that imagining-the-inner-life-of-strangers thing too, huh?

7:05 am  
Blogger OLS said...

Oh god yes! We used to do it as a group - we'd make up names, occupations, significant others, and what they'd done that day already.

But initially at least, this was more about me wanting to just look at her, like I would a statue. You know circle around her, find her flaws, work out why they added to her beauty. That sort of thing.

I know lots of girls who check out other women and talk about how gorgeous they are, but guys don't seem to do this with other guys. Do they still notice, but just don't talk about it? Or do they honestly not notice?


9:24 am  

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