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I don't understand the answer, but I may have some ideas on the question...


I never realised just how buff Tom Williams is.

Check out this photo from this article in news.com.au:

Very nice.

I'm having a very busy week. And next week's going to be even busier!

This would be why I'm still at work at 6pm on a Friday night... *mutter, mutter*

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Blogger Lushlife said...

A couple of weeks ago I was getting my usual lifts to work, when one of the other passengers asked me if I watched Dancing with Celebrities show. I don't. She said that she knew this fellow and he was a genuinely nice down to earth guy. Then the other day I heard all the girls at work talking about the final of the show and about him again and his six pack. Even my boss asked me if I caught the show as she had by accident and then she couldn't tear her eyes away from him, particularly once he started to shed his clothing. So quite a coincidence all round. Thanks for the picture I would have missed out altoghether if not for you. I hope he stays a lovely fellow who just so happens to be HOT as well!

7:15 pm  
Anonymous OLS said...

I have to admit that I had no idea who he was until I started getting photos in my inbox and saw the news story.

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but I was channel flicking last night and saw the re-run of this dance. Ooh-la-la! That boy can move!

I agree - I hope he stays a nice down-to-earth sort of a bloke. I imagine it won't be easy for him though - if he didn't have the chickybabes throwing themselves at him before, I'm sure he will now!


10:24 am  

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