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blogging from work

I've been reading some stuff lately about blogging from work.

(Started with QM who linked to Ivan, which reminded me about a post from sarni and so on)

Anyway, it's probably fairly obvious from the times and days of my posts that I blog from work. I have no real issues with it and I doubt my employer would either.

I work pretty long hours (and don't get paid overtime of course), don't drink tea or coffee at work, don't smoke, eat lunch at my desk, rarely make or take personal phone calls, and don't spend hours socialising with my colleagues. So in the overall scheme of things, I probably spend more time actively working than most, despite taking a bit of time out of my day to blog.

I also rarely write a post in one go. Usually, I write a little bit of it, and then save a draft and come back and write a bit more. So I'm only ever blogging for a couple of minutes at a time unless I'm writing the post after hours.

I have found that it's impossible to work 9 (or more) hours a day, 5 days a week, without taking regular breaks. You need a bit of time to let your brain relax and ponder the generalities of life, rather than the specifics of a file. And my method of choice is blogging.

As for the issue of "big brother", well, if the IT guys are that interested in my life, they can just read my email. I don't think there is anything I've written about on here that I haven't also discussed by email with friends. But with a couple of thousand people to check, I doubt that I'm fascinating enough for them to be interested.

And so I blog from work.

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