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QMusic gig

Last night was one of the best gigs I've been to in ages.

The line-up was supposed to be george, Dave McCormack, Giants of Science, Intercooler, Andrew Morris, The Ninth Wave, but the order got moved around a bit and I think a couple dropped out and a couple were added in.

The actual line-up that I saw was: Intercooler, Andrew Morris, george, Dave McCormack, Pete Murray and there was another band on after that, but I didn't hang around for it.

I went with the Tall Guy, the Childhood Friend (CF) from last Saturday night, and his "friend" (reading between the lines, I think she's a fling). It was fantastic to have a real catch up with him - we chatted about everything and nothing. He started on the Brisbane music scene 17 years ago in a band whose members had been around for probably 10 years before that, so he's incredibly knowledgable about who came from where and how it's all developed into what it is today. He loved the selection of bands that QMusic has put together and said that Release by george was worth the $20 entry fee in itself. I think that To the Void would blow his mind - and told him so.

And thinking of george, I have no idea that Katie Noonan was pregnant (due in May next year) and that she and Isaac had just got married! I must be out of it lately.

Anyway, I'll do a brief run-down of the bands:

Intercooler - sort of a rock/pop with great harmonies and melodic songs. Very nice. I've seen them a couple of times before, but they don't get me the way some other bands do.

Andrew Morris - the folk end of country/folk, he was still a little to country for me. But he and his band did what the did very well and were certainly impressive.

george - did a laid back accoustic set that was beautiful but lacked that rocking power that I love about their early stuff. Nick was hidden behind the curtain which was a shame, but as per usual, I couldn't take my eyes off Katie Noonan as soon as she started to sing.

Dave McCormack - the Polaroids had obviously gone home, but instead he had 2/3 of the Sensitive Side of Gentle Ben behind him. It was a good gig, but not as good as Saturday night.

Pete Murray - I've never seen him live before and only knew So Beautiful from the radio. He's very impressive live - can hold your attention with just him and a guitar and puts a lot of feeling into his songs. A true Aussie troubadour and I'm thinking I'll be out there buying his album soon.

All of the sets were very short to get through all of the bands in the time. Thankfully, the teeny-bopper crowd mostly dispersed after george. As I said at the time, they probably had to meet curfew.

There was apparently another band on after Pete Murray, but by this stage it was midnight, I'd almost lost my voice and I knew I had to work today. So I bailed and we all left the Tall Guy there on his own. I'll have to ask him who the last band was...

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