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A sense of achievement

I wrote a big rant about my colleague on Wednesday night, but I'm calmer now, so I decided to write over it. I still think he's lazy, disorganised and practically incompetant, but I'm not longer interspersing all of that with the f word. Yep, definitely calmer.

I was on a course today and, in the breaks, was chatting to some of my non-legal colleagues. It turns out they dislike him for much the same reasons as I do. Always nice to know.

I had promised to get three jobs done before I left this section next week. I've got two of them done and expect to get the last one finished on Monday, so I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself at present.

I gave T&S and their bub their Christmas presents last night - all three were suitably impressed and the bub was even distracted from whinging (he's teething) for a whole 5 minutes, so that was a success. When he's no longer teething, he'll hopefully enjoy it even more. It was his first Christmas present and we had to teach him how to rip the paper - by the end of it he was having as much fun with the paper (and of course, the box) as he was with the present. It's nice to be first with kids.

I also received my first Christmas presents this week. The Nymph gave me a little bag she'd bought overseas (she's just come back) and some stuff from the Body Shop. I felt very guilty since I hadn't bought her anything, as I don't exchange gifts with most of my friends, so I bought dinner for us. Hopefully she doesn't think I'm a scrooge...

And T&S gave me a bamboo plant and a tupperware container with a packet of "Frog Prince" lollies inside. She knows me so well. I tried kissing all of my frogs but none of them turned into a prince. Maybe because I ate them.

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