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Australian Blog Awards

I went back to Will Type for Food after discovering on my ecosystem details that he/she had linked me.

And found out about the Australian Blog Awards. After my whinging about the last awards I found out about, I figured I'd nominate some of the blogs I like for these ones. And since I've mostly nominated people who read me, I figured I should tell you about it.

I've nominated:

Best NSW Blog - Mrs Hardly and the case of the spotted blog - http://mrshardly.blogspot.com/

Best Victorian Blog - Infernality - http://infernality.blogspot.com/

Best Queensland Blog - Ignorance is Bliss - http://digallagher.blogspot.com/ (this was very hard - I like all of the Qld blogs I read, but Di's is consistently interesting and frequently amusing - and I like her photos)

Best Northern Territory Blog - Troppo Armadillo - http://troppoarmadillo.ubersportingpundit.com/

Best Overseas Australian Blog - courting disaster - http://www.reallyquiteunlikely.blogspot.com/

Best Humourous Australian Blog - Beer O'Clock - http://beeroclock.blogspot.com/ (also very difficult to pick, but I figured a nomination for each of the hubby and wife team may make for a more happy household! ;o))

Best Australian Personal Blog - Diary of an Average Australian - http://www.toxiccustard.com/diary/

Best Australian Political Blog - Troppo Armadillo - http://troppoarmadillo.ubersportingpundit.com/

There is also a Best Post on an Australian Blog category, but my nomination for it may take a little more time. I have to really think about who has written a great post. And I'll probably pick someone I haven't already nominated. Any ideas?

I didn't nominate anyone for a lot of the categories - I don't read any blogs in WA for instance and I couldn't think of any stand-out designs. Again, I'm open to suggestions.

Update 22/10/04: Holy sweet mother of.... You want to get heaps more hits on your site? Just say nice things about Troppo Armadillo so someone there says nice things about you and get a referral link from there on Robert Corr's weblog. I usually get around 20 hits a day on this thing and yesterday I got over 70! And nearly all of them were referrals from one of these two sites. Actually, I think the first 4 words of this update sum it up nicely...

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Blogger TimT said...

I went back to Will Type for Food after discovering on my ecosystem details that he/she had linked me. Well, the Tim in my name is short for Timothy, and not Timina.... Maybe I should change my name to something more masculine sounding, like Bob or Larry?


7:35 pm  
Blogger mark bahnisch said...

Hey - thanks for the nomination for Troppo! It led me to discover your blog - which is excellent as I had no idea there were any other Brisvegas based bloggers who like Rics (I was there last night) and think that CFK's lead singer boy is a tad, well, conceited. Have you seen his coffee making performance at Aromas?

9:17 pm  
Blogger ozbhoy said...

I feel a litle disconcerted about my nomination.
I always thought as myself as an angry little ant who just vents his spleen.
I was going to blog tonight about how much I hate my family and the inordinate amount of pressure that comes from working in a family business. Instead I am am full of beer (Cascades spicy ghost) and after Chinese for dinner and a good walk I know feel quite calm.
So thankyou for the nomination, and thankyou for introducing me to Verbs as I quite enjoy his blogspot.

12:00 am  
Blogger OLS said...

Tim - fair enough He-man. I admit that I haven't read enough of your blog to tell and I try not to make the assumption from someone's name. Even if you were a masculine Bob or Larry... ;o)

Mark - you (and the rest of Troppos contributors) are welcome. I'm not the only one to nominate Troppo though. And no, I didn't even know that Dane worked at Aromas, yet alone seen his "performance" there. ;o)

Ozbhoy - don't feel disconcerted - like most of the blogs I read you have funny moments and ranty moments and so on. Unfortunately, the funniest blogs I read are all US blogs (and mostly law related, so are probably only funny to people like me).


11:30 am  
Blogger mark bahnisch said...

yeah, OLS, I did notice a few other nominations for Troppo but I was chuffed to get one from Brissie...

Dane has worked at Aromas for years. He actually makes a very good coffee. But since he's become roooooolly famous, he'll say things to his co-workers like "I don't feel like making coffee". His co-workers have also increasingly become fabulous. My friends and I call it the CFK Rock Star Cafe (at least in texts) but it's still one of the few decent coffee shops in town...

8:57 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

Well there you go. You learn something new every day.

Which Aromas is it? I go to the one in the mall (at the Regent) all the time and have never seen him there...


8:55 am  
Blogger sarni said...

Thanks :-) I suppose I should get off my ass and post something interesting... and you should get off your ass and email! :-p

11:32 am  
Blogger OLS said...

Yeah, I know - but you've got all of my interesting news on my blog anyway... ;o)


9:11 am  
Blogger mark bahnisch said...

The Charles Foster Kane rockstar cafe is the Aromas at the back of the Wintergarden (just next to the entrance to the Hilton on Elizabeth St...)

11:42 am  

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