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the weekend

It must be the silly season. I didn't actually do that much on the weekend, but I feel like I did.


Friday night, I was going to go to Butterfingers at The Zoo, but I went shopping after work and was far too buggered (and wet) to bother by the time I'd finished. I bought a bunch of Christmassy stuff, since I don't have a tree and my wrapped pressies just aren't doing it for me. I bought one of those flashing stars, a santa sack and a little santa wind chime - it all looks much better now. I also bought a bunch of plates, since half the ones from my set are missing - maybe they were broken ages ago but I forgot.


I was supposed to be having brunch with T&S and a mutual friend on Saturday morning, but the friend texted me the following on Saturday morning:

I was abducted by space aliens last night and forced to drink and drag home a boy... I can't wake him so will have to cancel today... I will call later

He didn't. Call that is. So I'm yet to hear about the boy. This is about the 3rd time he's cancelled on me because he's had too much to drink the night before and has picked up. It's a little disappointing.

Anyway, I called T&S when I got the message to let them know and see if they wanted to reschedule. They did, so we're getting together this weekend instead.

So I spent the day vegging out in front of the TV (mostly watching DVDs that I'd bought in a sale on Friday night), and gardening, which consisted of spraying weed killer on the weeds coming through the pavers and pulling weeds out of the grass.

Saturday night, the Vegetarian came over for dinner before we headed in to Keep Off the Grass at The Zoo.

The best way to describe this gig, is probably just to quote the blurb from The Zoo's website (with some typos corrected):

In 1993 six Brisbane bands were brought together by local promoter Christine Goebel to form a collective known as KEEP OFF THE GRASS, in order to present a series of showcase performances. The first couple of shows were so well received that the project quickly snowballed. In late 1994 the plans for the CD project came to fruition and the collective independently released one of Australia's most eclectic and successful compilation albums of unsigned artists, also entitled "Keep Off The Grass". Since that time many of the artists involved have gone onto even greater success, some becoming Brisbane icons along the way. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the album's release and the Zoo's 12th birhtday, the collective reunites to perform separately and together, the best of this music and much more
for one amazing night only..

The line-up was:

8.15 - 8.45 ONE STRAW
9.00 - 9.30 HOT POTATOES
11.15 - 11.45 NATIVES OF BEDLAM
12.00 - 12.30 TOOTHFAERIES

I can't remember what time all the bands came on, but the Toothfaeries didn't finish until after 1am I'm sure.

It was stinking hot on Saturday night, The Zoo doesn't have any air-con and the gig sold out. So you can imagine what it was like inside. We arrived early (just as well, since we didn't have tickets) and I (briefly) caught up with a childhood friend who was in town for the gig. It wasn't too bad at that stage - there weren't many people there so, though it was hot, it wasn't absurdly hot. That came later. Once the venue filled up and the place was pumping with hot, sweaty bodies, it was like a furnace. We went outside between the sets to get some fresh air and walking back in, the wave of heat as you came up the stairs just hit you. It was like walking into one of those industrial sized freezers, but in reverse.

Despite all of that, I had a ball. I don't think any of the bands have played together for about 5 years prior to rehearsals for this gig. Most of them I didn't remember the names, but once they were on stage, I knew the band. Or knew members of the band. Or just knew the faces. The crowd was like a who's who of the Brisbane music scene. I kept on seeing faces I knew from other stages elsewhere. From a bit of research I've done, I think it's this little bunch of bands that has since made the Brisbane music scene so incestuous - they've all played with or currently play with members of other bands from the original Keep Off The Grass and other big Brisbane bands like george. It's a bit like the six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon with movie stars.

The music was pretty varied, but all had a folky basis I guess. Friends of the Iguana and Isis are both pretty much laid-back folk. One Straw have a trad folk sound, but play originals. Hot Potatoes are sort of folk/pop. As are Pleasures for the Sixth Sense and the Fabulous Nobodies (though FN also have a slightly reggae feel). The Natives of Bedlam and Toothfaeries are folk/rock. I hate describing bands because you never seem to be able to capture their sound in a generic category, but this is the closest I can get. Lets just say that the first 3 all had beautiful melodies that made me smile and feel at peace, and the last 4 still had the beautiful melodies, but also got me up on my feet and dancing my arse off despite the heat.

I also caught up with the childhood friend (CF) part way through the gig. We were talking about the bands that were playing and I mentioned that I was very impressed that, other than all the great bands I knew were playing, to find that Guy Webster was also in one of the bands (the Fabulous Nobodies). Which led to the "Oh, do you know him too?" from CF and my "No, I'm just a bit in love with him" reply from me. The great thing though (and the part I'm still smiling to myself about) was that CF completely understood the whole crush thing. He even raised the point of having to have at least 2 or 3 crushes at once, just in case you get disillusioned with one of them. I also prefer to have my crushes at arms length - there are a number of occasions when I would have had the opportunity to meet one of them (Guy Webster being an example - the number of times I'm almost spilt my beer over him... and I know people that know him), but I always seem to lose the crush a bit, or even completely, when I discover that they have faults. And of couse, all real people have faults, so it's just so much easier to keep them in the realm of fantasy. I'm very fickle when it comes to my crushes, so the whole arms length thing means I don't have quite such a quick turn-over.

Anyway, I'm hoping to catch up with CF again in the week before Christmas. I really enjoyed talking to him on Saturday night, but didn't have much of a chance to do the catch up. It's weird, we were both sort of on the outer of the group from those days. The group consisted of my brother and I and the kids of my parents' friends, so we didn't really have that much in common with each other, except that we were similar ages. But the boys all picked on CF because he was clumsy and a bit of a nerd. There were only 2 girls, so we were both on the outer a bit I guess, but the other girl was always much cooler than me, so I was more on the outer than she was. But I think CF was even more on the outer than me. I was the youngest, so I think allowances were made by the others for that. Now of course, I think that CF is the only one I really have anything in common with anymore. The rest of the boys are bigger geeks than I am, except for my brother, who is now a complete suburbanite (wife, dog and 2.5 kids). The other girl is now part of the jet-setting movie crowd and way too cool for me. I think she's fascinating (being the geek that I am) but I suspect the feeling is not mutual. Sad that - we stayed friends for a long time, despite it all (the "all" mostly being me and my general dagginess). From nappies until we were in our 20's, but people change and we all move on. *shrugs* Now I get more excited about seeing her parents than I do about seeing her.

Anyway, back to the tale of my weekend...


I tried to sleep in. I really did. But it didn't work.

So instead I watched Rage and Video Hits for a couple of hours as that was all my poor little hungover brain could cope with.

Then I headed off to buy myself a camp cot for Woodford. The one I got looks like this:

It's pretty easy to put up, seems really comfy (I fell asleep on it Sunday arvo, so that's a good sign), and was less than half price in a sale. So I'm happy.

Then in the afternoon, it was off to The Fairy's Christmas party. I was the first one to arrive, so I got to catch up with her and her boy for a bit (and their houseguest) before anyone else arrived. Oh yeah, I refer to his as "her boy" and not as "her fiancee" because they're no longer engaged. Still together, but not engaged. Apparently, this has caused some difficulties with his family, but I can't say that I'm unhappy about it. I always thought it was a bit quick.

But I must say that I do like him more than originally. I still think he's a bit pretentious and pretty unforgiving about other people's ideas, but I no longer think he's a prat, so that's a definite improvement. I managed to get into a conversation with him and Phil (a friend of The Fairy's) and actually didn't get annoyed with either of them. I generally find Phil an interesting guy to talk to, but he's a bit out there with the conspiracy theories as well, so I wasn't sure how I'd go with the two of them together. But it was fine. Interesting and enjoyable even.

The Ex was also there. He turned up late, so I was feeling pretty relaxed by the time he got there and was making conversation with strangers. He's still annoying, but The Fairy's houseguest seemed to be pretty impressed by him (I think he might be in there *g*), so maybe it's just me. Or maybe it's just that The Fairy's houseguest was obviously very young and so at his mental age level. *evil chuckle* Hey, if I can't be bitchy about The Ex on my blog, where can I?

The party was still going strong at 5pm, so I guess that counts as successful. I left then because I was starting to be eaten alive by bugs and really wanted to go home and nap. Which I did. In the cool of my air-conditioning. It was good.

This mini-novel has been brought to you by boredom at work, an interesting weekend, and the number 8.

Listening to: Guy Webster - self titled; The Informants - #1


Blogger ozbhoy said...

I first saw the toothfaeries at livid and they were great. Love the toothfaeries, and am now sad that I did not know they were playing.

11:11 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

Well, after the success of Saturday night, maybe a couple of the bands will start playing gigs around Brisbane again... or maybe they'll just wait another 10 years for the 2nd Keep Off The Grass reunion... ;o)


8:59 am  
Blogger verbs said...

Hands up for Isis. Now if only they could get back together!

9:13 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

It was pretty quiet during the first 3 bands - the place didn't start thumping until Hot Potatoes really. So I'd be betting that it's the latter bands who would be most likely to do the reforming thing if any of them do.

Mind you, it's possible that the only reason the first 2 bands didn't have much of a crowd was that most of the punters didn't realise that they were going to be playing before The Zoo usually even opens!


12:42 pm  

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