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2004 Weblog Awards

I was referred to the 2004 Weblog Awards by The Fish, whose blog has been nominated for Best Design.

While there, I checked out the nominations for the Best Australia or New Zealand Blog award. Frightening! The only Aussie one that I would even consider voting for is Will Type For Food, the others are just far too political to even consider (except for the one that was just too dumb to consider). And not good, reasoned, thought-about-both-sides political either. One-eyed, "just because" sort of political. And that was all figured out from spending approximately 1 minute on each blog. *groans* Where are all the sassy, smart blogs from Oz?

And since I'm also too lazy to do a 100 things list:

I am: me, just me, and no-one else (no matter how much my mother wishes it were different)
I love: my family, including my mother; my friends
I hate: insincerity, olives (I don't even like the taste of olive oil)
I fear: spiders, snakes and storms
I crave: right now? Hot chips with gravy... yummm... how long is it 'til lunch?
I regret: I don't believe in regrets. You always make the best decision you can with the available information at that point in time. It's just that some decisions have to be revised very quickly.
I cry: whenever I have PMS
I care: too much. About everything
I always: laugh a lot
I feel alone: when my friends can't come out to play
I listen: to music by bands no-one else has heard of
I hide: nothing (unfortunately); my identity on my blog; in my bed whenever I'm sick
I drive: an old station wagon; like a rally driver on dirt roads
I dance: whenever I hear music (and apparently well)
I write: the same way I talk; poetry and lyrics when depressed
I play: many musical instruments, none of them well
I miss: being able to play a musical instrument well
I know: a lot of useless trivia (for example, that yak's milk is pink); nothing of significance
I say: whatever comes into my head
I wonder: what life is like for other people
I want: a hippopotamus for Christmas... */song* Actually, there's not a lot that I want - maybe to meet a fabulous guy that thinks I'm fabulous that I could have a fabulous life with? *shrugs*
I have: everything I need; a close family; a bunch of great friends; enough money to live comfortably
I give: to charities I believe in, never to beggars on the street
I feel: the need, the need for speed... */quote* Probably "whimsical" comes closest
I need: nothing (see "I have" above)

Stolen from Di, who stole it from someone else.

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Blogger TimT said...

Thanks for the (sort-of) endorsement! I generally try to keep politics out of my blog, since there are so many other political blogs out there already, and since most political arguments tend to be pointless anyway... (though there was a time when I had more political stuff in there)....

There were some good other blogs nominated though: my faves were Tim Blair (timblair.spleenville.com - v. political, v. entertaining) and Ausculture (ausculture.com/blog - not political, v. v. v. entertaining)

5:28 pm  

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