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moves are afoot (again)

Well, it looks like I might be going on another secondment - it's at the same pay level as my current secondment, but doing the work of my usual (substantive) position.

I will have to apply for it, but I gather that chances are I'll be the only applicant since it's going to be restrictively advertised. So I've been working on my selection criteria - they're pretty crap, but hopefully they've got enough in them to get me to interview and I can work on impressing there. I'm supposed to be having lunch with the supervisor this week, so that will hopefully improve my chances also.

Basically, my boss's boss has asked me to apply for it. He agrees that it's a great opportunity not only for me, but for the organisation for me to get experience in that area. The only slight downer is that, for his agreement to release me for the secondment, I've had to give him a guarantee that I won't apply for any positions outside of my organisation while I'm on secondment. But it's a guarantee I'm happy to give. I can't see me going to another permanent position when I'm really quite happy with the quality of work and the people I work with here. And I know from experience that not all work places are as good. It's why I like secondments - that whole "try before you buy" thing. It's always possible that the secondment will continue (but I doubt it will) and I haven't guaranteed that I wouldn't stay over there if given the opportunity, but chances are, I'll be back, and I'll bring that extra expertise back with me.

Now all I have to do is actually get the job!

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Blogger Diana Gallagher said...

Did you get it?

1:14 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

I don't know yet - I think I'll find out next week.


5:08 pm  

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