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Geography Olympics

After seeing this story, I just participated in the Geography Olympics. I didn't do very well - I only scored 40% and so reduced Australia's overall score, which is just over 50%. Geography never was my strong point - I dropped out of it in Grade 9 to do Music - but I thought I would have done better now that I know where most of the European countries are - but surprisingly enough, I didn't get Iceland (always confuse it with Greenland), but I did get Tunisia. And I was lucky that one of the few obscure countries that I know about, Bahrain, was one of my 10 countries.

Ah well, maybe I'll have to study up my maps and try again. African countries and ex-USSR countries are usually my downfall. I know the general area, but not the actual country - however, now that I know that they flash when you're wrong, I may do better.

And because I know you were all just dying to know, I've finalised my mix CD that I posted about before.

This is the final listing:

speedstar - Good morning saviour
The Frames - Lay me down
Matthew Sweet - Devil with the green eyes
Charles Foster Kane - Lucky ones
The Kerbs - I know
The Informants - I know you know
Belle & Sebastian - There's too much love
Wesley Davidson - All kinds of trouble
Machine Translations - Love on the vine
Screamfeeder - Above the dove
Ben Kweller - Different but the same
Shifter - The cigarette song
Darren Hanlon - Hiccups
David McCormack - Liquor store
Guy Webster - Lucky man suffering
Tylea and the Imaginary Music Score - Blow me away (like smoke)
Damien Rice - Older chests
Tamas Wells - When we do fail Abigail
Kieran Waters and the Young Casuals - Knuckles of white
Women in Docs - Fade Away

Total time: 1:18:06, so I just made it within the size limit.

And thinking of Damien Rice, I followed a link from Ex Mea Sententia to a trailer of the movie Closer, and discovered that Damien's song The Blower's Daughter features quite heavily. There's even a link to the video clip with scene's from the movie in it. Wow! Yet another musician I follow who is getting huge. Maybe it's me? I wish!

And Closer looks like my kind of movie. Nice cast too - Jude Law, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. Mmmmm.... Clive Owen...

Listening to: my mix CD


Blogger Ex Mea Sententia said...

Whew. I got 90% on that quiz. But I studied history and politics so I'd be upset with anything less. The one I got wrong? It asked me where Benin was and I chose Gambia instead.

2:27 pm  
Blogger ozbhoy said...

I first saw Clive Owen in 'The Croupier' I thought he was great in a meandering story that never seemed to rise above mediocrity. I regretfully anounce that I also saw him in the recent King Arthur film, can't remember the name of said film, he does well with a cliched script.
I must admit to dancing around the room with delight in learning that there are beers in Belgium so big that they must be drunk whilst standing. Excellent.

10:32 pm  
Blogger OLS said...

Wow! 90% EMS, I'm impressed!

ozbhoy - hate to tell you, but I don't think the Belgium beers were that much bigger than a pint (maybe a pint and a 1/4?) - it's just that the glass was shaped like a yardglass, so that the bottom bit was very narrow.

But still, one thing I liked about Europe was that if you asked for a beer, you automatically got a pint, if you only want a half, you have to ask for it. Not these namby pamby little pots that you get here in Queensland... ;o)


9:30 am  

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