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Naylor's Canberra

I should be working, but I'm not. Instead, I've been caught up with reading Naylor's Canberra an online novel in blog format, which I found by following some links from sarni's site. So far, I'm up to pages 136 - 139 and I'm finding it almost impossible to stop reading. And I'm really enjoying it. But feeling guilty. True, it's now 6pm and I'm reading it on my own time, but I have a heap of stuff to get done this week and I'm off on a course tomorrow and Wednesday so I won't be in the office. Nice course... good course... gets me out of the office for two whole days. And it's closer to where I live than the office so I have a very valid reason for not coming in here first. *pats course on the head*

I probably should leave now.

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Blogger Doug said...

Glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for the plug!

8:29 pm  

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