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busy busy busy

I have lots of work to do this week and tomorrow is a public holiday for the Ekka, so I don't even have a full week to do it in.

But I'm still wasting time reading blogs and writing my own. I brought in my lunch today (I actually cooked last night after I got home from the gym!) so I can waste time on this in my lunch-hour... well, actually I'm wasting time on it now, but I'll be reading through a 60 page policy which is about as interesting as watching paint dry (and produces the same sort of headache) during the afternoon, so I thought I'd eat while doing that and not take a lunch hour.

One of the blogs I started reading last week is this one - I started reading it because it had a post on medical ethics, which I'm interested in. Now I read it because I'm amazed that someone who uses (presumably) his real name and (presumably) a photo of himself is so honest on his blog. I'm also assuming that he's being honest of course, but he doesn't come across as a particularly sympathetic character, so I think it's a fair assumption to make. I'm pretty honest on this one, but only because I know that only people who already know me would have a hope in hell of working out who I am - and my close friends and family haven't been given the address. They know about it, but I've told them they shouldn't read it for their own protection.

Oh, and that cool photo I took on Sunday that I was going to use for my internet dating? They rejected it! I still don't know why. I suspect it was for the exact same reason why I liked it - it wasn't a really clear photo of my face. Not that I don't like my face, I do. I just don't like strangers recognising it too easily. Considering you can put up a profile without a photo at all, why should it matter to them whether it's a clear shot of my face or not? Maybe I should try wearing a heap of make-up which completely changes the way I look and then take a photo. Or I could take a distance photo so that you really can't see what I look like anyway like most of the guys up there! That'll learn 'em! Ah well. At least I haven't spent any money with it.

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