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the monday blues

I had a good weekend. Ran around being annoyingly happy from Friday night to Sunday night and now I'm back for another week of work and a complete lack of social interaction. Thankfully, it's the Ekka holiday here on Wednesday, so I'm going on a date tomorrow night which will break up the week. And I have a meeting this morning - I'll actually have to talk to someone for more than 5 minutes! Scary!

I hate my job today. Can you tell? I'll probably be over it tomorrow, but I hate it today.

Anyway, to summarise my weekend:


I got a call Friday afternoon from the 'flu guy to say that he couldn't make it to Jebediah. I've been very patient, considerate even, but now I'm jacked off. That's the third time! I can understand not wanting to go on a first date with someone when you've got the 'flu, but this time it was because he thought he'd be too tired after work... something he probably should have worked out before he took me up on my offer! Pfeh!

Anyway, it ended up working out well - I was already going to dinner with the Dendy guy and he came to Jebediah with me as well. We had a really nice night. Dinner at the Tibetan Kitchen - good food, good wine, good company. I drank most of the wine and he also bought me drinks at The Zoo, so I was relatively smashed. Which isn't particularly a bad thing - I'm very happy and chirpy when I'm tipsy. It's just that I am curious and overly honest at the best of times and I'm worse when I've been drinking... so I ask inappropriate questions and tell people more about myself than I probably should. But he seemed to survive - at times I thought he may have even enjoyed my probing and inquisitive questions... you never know!

Anyway, we left about halfway through Jebediah's set (more on that below) and headed over to The Depot to "dance to guitars" - $7 cover and we only stayed for maybe an hour. We did dance a bit, but not for long, the mix wasn't too brilliant. I was expecting it to be like Super Deluxe, but there was an awful lot of 80's music being played and not much non-top 40 stuff. So not overly impressed.

But anyway, I walked him home (he lives on the way to my place) and we did a bit of a hug and a little kiss before I headed off. It was nice. He'd already said earlier that night that he liked to take things slowly (not specifically in relation to me, but a general comment) and he didn't pounce after the little kiss, which was a little disappointing, but I'm guessing that's progress for him. It's still very slow for me - 4 dates and we haven't slept together yet? - but I'm happy to go at his pace as long as I know there is something happening.

And I think I like him. I get that butterfly thing happening when I think about the hug and kiss... ;o)

Anyway, back to the bands. First up was The Fuzz, a five-piece from WA. From memory, their line-up was lead, rhythm, bass & drums, with a girl lead singer. They were alright. Not brilliant, but alright. Unfortunately, most of their songs were so similar to each other that it was more like one 30 min song than a set and the lead singer shouts more than she sings. Ah well.

The second support were The City Lights, a Sydney four-piece. These guys were better - they had a couple of songs I knew, but I don't know where from, and their sort of pop-punk sound meshed better with Jebediah's as a support I thought. Their songs were catchy and easy to dance to. I predict that they will do well.

Then Jebediah hit the stage. More professional in look and sound than the last time I saw them (though that was years ago), they had the place jumping pretty quickly. I was enjoying their set, but not the crowd, so after I'd heard my favourites (all the old school stuff - I don't have the latest album), we headed. The rest I've already told you about above.


Despite the fact that I didn't get home until about 3am and haven't been sleeping well lately, I still expected to be up with the birds. This is usual for me - I wake up at my usual alarm time of 7am (or 5:30am lately with the construction noise) and stay up for a couple of hours before the lack of sleep catches up with me and I crash again in the late morning to early afternoon. So I was both amazed and very proud of myself that I actually slept in until after midday!

Considering I'd already lost half the day, I trashed the idea of heading to the markets or doing housework and slothed for the rest of the day as well. Well, I did do my washing and tidy the house a bit, but that was all.

I joined the K couple and a couple of others for some beers and a meal before we all headed off to see Ben Kweller at The Zoo (they're going to start recognising me there again if I'm not careful!). Unfortunately, one of the girls was indulging in my pet hate of table thumping - she's not particularly loud or obnoxious, but she insists on banging her hand on the table whenever she wanted to make a point - and I jumped and winced every time, so I ended up feeling a bit worn out and headachy by the time we left there.

Even though we got there not long after doors opened, there was actually a line up to get into The Zoo. I haven't seen that in a long time. So all the girls headed straight to the front of the stage where we would be able to see once the place filled up.

Two strange little incidents occured:-

1. I saw this guy who looked like my freak of an ex-flatmate. Basically, this guy is the reason why I only live with people that are friends of friends now. I figure if my friends know a friend of theirs, then at least I can be sure that they DO have friends and hopefully aren't as whacked out as this guy was. He was completely obsessional about some things - he actually washed his sheets 3 times in the space of one morning because the edges got a little dirty when they dragged on the tiles of the balcony with the wind. Not only that, but he returned the sheets out the balcony after the first time he'd washed them. And then did the same thing a couple of weekends later! Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome? In that case, this guy was definitely insane. He'd already freaked my friends out a couple of times, but crunch time came when I accidentally hit him with the duster as I was flailing my arms around (I'm very italian when I'm angry) arguing with him about why HE hadn't done the dusting when I'd specifically asked him to (he did bugger all housework). So he goes to the cops and reports me for assault. Yep, assault. With a duster. By a short female on a much taller and stronger guy. The cops called me while he was there and it was resolved that he would move out within the next week or so. After he'd left, the cop called me back and suggested that I might want to leave the house and stay with friends until he'd moved out for my own safety. Even the cops thought it was weird. So anyway, you can see why me seeing a guy at the gig that I thought was him was a little freaky for me. After a few nervous seconds though I figured it probably wasn't him and I couldn't see him anymore anyway, so I settled in to enjoy the gig.

2. I actually saw the Genie get really ticked off. There was this girl that pushed in in front of us while we were standing waiting for the support band to start - that's annoying, but she then proceded to shove us aside on a regular basis while she moved around talking to various different people and dance wildly in a bruise-causing manner in between times. I nicknamed her "the mole" because, well, she was one, but also she kept on burrowing in between people without seeming to think about the effect on the people around her. She was really pissing Genie off! So Genie, who is quite tall, just basically starts to lean a bit whenever this girl (who is quite short) is around her. But the thing that really got me was that, once she worked out that I wasn't going to move by her pushing me around (I just plant my feet and become an immovable object! *g*), she then tried hitting on me to make me feel uncomfortable so I'd move. Bad move honey! That sort of thing really annoys me - I have a lot of gay friends and I don't believe in using sexuality to make someone uncomfortable. I've had gay girls hit on me before - it doesn't usually bother me. I just explain that I'm straight and I'm more interested in the hunky guy two rows over. So anyway, I asked the girl politely to remove her hand, which was rubbing my lower back while she smiled at me suggestively. She didn't, but started moving her hand lower, so I told her that I was a cop, what she was doing was sexual assault and that if she didn't remove her hand I'd have her charged. She left. But then she came back! And told me she was straight but asked me to dance! My answer: "No. And don't touch me." Apparently it was said with some force because the girls all fell around laughing at my "direct response".

So anyway, the bands. The support band were Iron On who I had heard good things about. Unfortunately, they disappointed. They're a four-piece of girl drummer, guy bass, and a guy and girl who both played guitar and sang (sometimes in turn, sometimes together). The comparisons to Spiderbait were obvious - rocky music with a skinny, blonde chick who couldn't sing on vocals. They were also a bit Magic Dirt/Placebo. Anyway, they rated betwee 3 and 4 out of 10 in our group - not so bad that we walked out, but we wouldn't pay to see them or buy the CD.

But Ben Kweller and band more than made up for it. All of the boys were wearing tight blue jeans a la 70's and early 80's. It was an unusual sight on the music scene were baggy blue's or trousers are more the norm. Anyway, that's just an aside. They were a pleasure to watch and a pleasure to listen to. Ben Kweller certainly has a lot of professional charisma for one so young and his stage banter was spot on. The Tall Guy thought that they sounded too like the album for his liking (a little too polished maybe), but I quite liked that - they had a lot of energy on stage and if the sound was a little too perfect... well, at least Ben stuffed up the lyrics once or twice! ;o) I danced my butt off and had to apologise to the girls beside and behind me once or twice when my enthusiasm took over a little. Thankfully, they didn't seem to mind and at least I did apologise and tried not to continue the bad gigiquette.

After the gig was over, we all headed over to the Royal George where one of the girls was meeting up with her cousin or something. We hung around there for maybe half an hour chatting and then headed to Fat Boys for a hot chocolate. Yummmm. Good way to end the night.


Sunday my usual routine imposed itself again and I was up at my usual ungodly hour. I possed around the house for a few hours and then ended up on the lounge reading my book and listening to CDs around midday. It was nice in the sun and I fell asleep for a little while there. And then I thought about being asleep on the couch and so I grabbed my camera and took some photos of myself "asleep" - the contrast of my skin and dark clothing against the bright red of the couch were pretty cool (in my not-so-humble opinion), so I took some more. I also took photos of my hands and feet with the couch as backdrop and using the light and shade of the sun to get some cool effects. I generally use myself as a model - basically no-one else is quite so prepared to have their hands and feet photographed constantly (I have a thing about hands and feet - I think anyone who can draw them is a genius!). I got some great photos and I've decided to use one of them for my profile with the internet dating. It's a bit different and arty and not so obvious what I look like so that to get to the stage where you really see what I look like you have to see my backstage photos - and I have to give you a password for that! Should improve my paranoia levels immensely! ;o)

I didn't end up going to Guy Webster last night - I was feeling all lazy and contented (like a purring cat), so I stayed in bed and enjoyed the moment instead.

Listening to: Damien Rice - O


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