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it was a little weird

A couple of things happened yesterday.


I got a comment on this blog entry from the director of the play I went to. He thanked me for my comments. Which is very nice, but I'm a little freaked out that someone actually read my blog who lives here. Actually, I'm a little freaked out that anyone reads my blog. Even though I kind of started this to share my thoughts and feelings. But still, it was a little weird.

The optometrist

I went to the optometrist today to get my eyes checked for the first time in about 2 years. It's degenerated a little in one eye so I'm getting new glasses. I also got a marriage proposal. But he wasn't being serious. Shame. He's kind of cute. And funny. And I'd get free eyewear for life. But he only mentioned marrying me because we were talking about working overseas and I said I can't go again because I'm too old for a working visa now - he's got European parents so he has an EU passport, so he said that we could get married so I could work overseas. We then fell around laughing imagining me telling my Mum "Oh I got new glasses today. And by the way I'm getting married and moving to Europe". It was funny, but it was a little weird.


The Nymph sent over the photos of us from the races. The first one was taken not long after we arrived and the last about 6pm in the cab on the way to Caxton St. I look progressively more smashed as the day goes on. Actually, I look smashed in all of the photos, but it's a matter of degree. I haven't seen photos of myself drunk since my brother's wedding, which was more than 5 years ago, so it was a little weird.

The Fairy

I got an email from the Fairy thanking me for the card and CD I'd sent her for her birthday. It's probably the friendliest she's sounded by email since I went overseas. And of course, comes at a time when I've finally resolved myself to the fact that we're no longer going to be good friends (based on the vibe from her), so it was a little weird.

The Dream

I had this dream last night that my Dad was putting these puffy-looking tyres on his high-performance racing car (it was like a V8 or something), but he was being really impatient and taking shortcuts and he kept on stuffing it up. He eventually burst one of the tyres and I was really upset with him because they cost a fortune. Considering I can't imagine my Dad ever owning a high-performance racing car, and if he did, he'd probably treat it with kid gloves and not bust something so expensive as these tyres by doing something so stupid and careless, it was a little weird.

Augie March

Check out this link. You can listen to 3 Augie March songs and also see a couple of their videos. Their videos are weird and so is the "about" blurb, but in a good way.

Listening to: Augie March - Sunset Studies


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