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sick of feeling so sick

So - it's been a while. Wednesday was a public holiday. Thursday and Friday I was off sick - I thought I might have had food poisoning initially, but once the aches and chills and sneezing started, I think it was probably a given that it was the bloody 'flu. Again. Argh!

Anyway, lunch with the Nymph on Wednesday was good. The burgers I cooked were delicious and we sat and listened to music and chatted until she headed off to meet her date at the Ekka. She also gave me my sample bag, which I was a very happy chappy about. Between seeing the fireworks every night, getting a sample bag, smelling the Ekka from my place, and now getting the Ekka 'flu, I feel like I was actually there!

Wednesday afternoon, I was full of energy (WAY too much energy) and feeling a little lonely, so I invited the Dendy guy around for dinner (the left-over burgers) that night. He brought the beer, I provided the food. It was nice - very relaxed and companionable and stuff, but he's definitely in danger of entering the "friend zone". I'm a hugger, so I actually have more bodily contact with my friends (yep, even the male ones) that I do with this guy. It's a bit of a worry. Anyway, I've made a decision - I won't call/contact him again until he's called/contacted me. That way if it fizzles, I'm guessing it's because he's just not that interested and I don't feel like I'm putting in all the effort.

Wednesday night around midnight was when I started regretting the beer and burgers. I don't eat a lot of meat and I hardly ever cook it, so I seriously thought I had food poisoning. I certainly hadn't drunk enough beer to feel this bad (only 2 bottles over a couple of hours). So I called in sick on Thursday.

I also called Genie and told her that I didn't think I'd make it to Xavier Rudd that night. She managed to find someone else to take the ticket and keep her company, so that was a very good thing. I was feeling kind of guilty about that. I probably could have made it through the night (was feeling a bit better by then), but I doubt I would have enjoyed it and I probably would have been sicker on Friday than I actually was.

Friday was when the aches and fever and sneezing started. I actually made it as far as getting dressed and eating breakfast before I realised that there was no way I was going to be able to manage a day at work. I called in sick and then crawled into bed still dressed for work and slept until mid-afternoon.

Friday night was the Tall Guy's birthday party. I got there early-ish on the basis that I'd probably just stay for dinner and then head off. I actually lasted until nearly 10pm with the help of 2 large glasses of wine and great company (Genie, TG's sister and one of TG's oldest friends) - I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

The Tall Guy seemed to like my present - I got him one of those travelling shirts that's supposed to keep sweat away from the skin. Genie calls it the shirt with built-in air-conditioning. ;o)

I didn't talk to the Fairy or her boyfriend much. They were initially sitting at the opposite end of the table from me and when I ended up sitting next to her for 5 minutes she made it pretty clear that I wasn't welcome (she was talking to the "one of TG's oldest friends" I mentioned above), so I moved on. I actually ended up talking to the Ex for a while, which was nice, but still a little weird. We started talking one on one and then a couple of the other guys joined into the conversation - all up, I was talking to that little group for maybe 1/2 hour. And I enjoyed it.

As I left, I got not one, but TWO hugs from the Tall Guy. ;o)

Saturday morning, I headed up to the folks place as planned. I figured that I would probably have a quiet weekend and eat better if I was there than if I stayed home and driving 1 1/2 hours seems a small price to pay for a little TLC from Mum. We spent most of the weekend sitting in the lounge room watching the Olympics. I was very proud that Sunday night when they published the medal tally to date that:

(a) Australia was coming second to China; and
(b) I could actually name the medal winners and I'd watched their medal-winning performances as they were televised. Well, except for Thorpy and Grant Hackett's gold/siver win in the 400m - it was televised at 2:30am here and I saw that first thing on Sunday.

Sunday night we all had dinner at B&S's place to celebrate my brother's new job. My sister-in-law ran around like a mad thing trying to get everything done and managed to stuff up half of it. My niece threw a tantrum because we were watching the Olympics so she couldn't watch her DVD and still wasn't talking to me when we left. My nephew spent most of the evening showing off for me and grabbing my hand to take me places. A typical family dinner for my family! ;o)

But just what the doctor ordered. I'm feeling much better today.

Listening to: Radiohead - Hail to the Thief (bootleg from Alex)


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