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yet another dream

I had another weird dream last night - this time, my brother had joined a band. The band were like a mix of Doch and The Gin Club and were all in their teens or early 20's (so a lot younger than him). And they were sort of friends of mine. I really resented him for invading my life like that, because he's never been interested in music the way I am - and they all really liked him and he was really good. And I mean really good. Which is weird because in real life he can't even play the recorder. And we have completely seperate lives and very different interests. But at least it wasn't about a high performance car being damaged! ;o)

This is the most dreaming I've done in a very long time. Or maybe just the most I've remembered. This could be because of the bloody loud cement mixer they're insisting on starting at 5am right across the street from us, which is waking me up well before I should be waking up. Not happy Jan!

Despite this, I'm actually feeling pretty cheerful today. I've got my weekend all planned with 2 dates and 2 gigs (will write more on this tomorrow), the Nymph is going to get me a showbag from the Ekka and I think I know what I'm going to get the Tall Guy for his birthday. Life is looking good.

And by the way, I like this cartoon - Trogdor the Burninator - I think it's funny. Completely unrelated to anything else I've written about today, but funny.

Listening to: Machine Gun Fellatio - Paging Mr Strike


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