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I think I'm still hungover

What a weekend! It combined all of the elements of an unusual weekend for me - no gigs, a foreign film, socialising with yuppies, a sporting event, and dinner with friends at their house where I didn't fall asleep in front of the tv afterwards... ;o)

Friday night

I went to see Falling Angels on Friday night with the Law Student.

I was a little disappointed with the organisation - it wasn't obvious where you had to go to pick up tickets when you'd pre-paid and I had thought that having priority seats meant that you had seat numbers, where actually you just have an area which is dedicated to the priority seat ticket holders, but there's nothing once you're in there to show that you are a priority seat ticket holder, and it's not the best seating in the cinema... so spending that extra couple of dollars per ticket was a bit of a waste of money actually.

Anyway, the BIFF films have a short before the main feature - the short we saw was Catalina View, a rather depressing American short about a toll booth operator's marriage breakup with what I suspected was supposed to be light relief in his fellow toll booth operators' obsession with keeping score of how many famous people go through their lane. Unfortunately, the famous people score just came across as being a little pathetic and no-one in the audience seemed to be laughing. It wasn't a bad film, just a bit one-dimensional.

But Falling Angels was great - I really enjoyed it. It follows three sisters, their alcoholic mother and their seriously deranged dad over a period of time in the late 60's (I think it's set in 1969). I've never seen the Dad before, but the Mum was played by Miranda Richardson and all of the sisters looked familiar, but I didn't know their names. The scene's between the ditsy youngest sister and her sleazy boyfriend just had me killing myself laughing - I think everyone's met guys like that, but most of us have enough intelligence to stay well away! And the scene's of the middle daughter's experiments with drugs were also a classic - the quotable line of the movie "that's not Mum, that's the moon!" - is only really funny in context, but it kept the Law Student and I very amused. And probably will when we see each other well into the future.


Well... the outfit went well. I didn't feel horribly out of place and the Nymph told me I looked "gorgeous" - as have those that have seen the photos.

Unusually for me, I wore make-up. This is really what my version of dressing up is - a little eyeliner, mascara and lipstick and I think I've made a HUGE effort. Add to that the fact that I was wearing heels, this was a big-time dressed up version of the OLS. And I was showing some cleavage as well. No wonder the boys were impressed. ;o)

I had thought that the Nymph was going to know a heap of people, but it was actually just her and her boy and me who went together. It didn't really matter though - one of the organisers of the charity event introduced us to a heap of people and we met a bunch of others through a series of misadventures (like turning up to the wrong event initially).

My favourites of the day were:-

1. The "arty" lady who I talked to for ages about art, relationships, societal expectations, volunteer work and just about everything else you can imagine. We both decided that we are "friendly but shy" so we got along very well.

2. The physio who doesn't believe in living together before you're married. He was a little weird, but then, I like weird and we talked quite a lot about a range of stuff. I thought he was a little naive (not everyone can be a cynical bitch like me), but sweet. He was sort of cute too... I probably would have gone home with him if he'd asked. Copious amounts of alcohol sort of does that to me. *g*

3. The physio's friend who I also chatted to for a while. We agreed on a lot of stuff (including that you should live together before marriage) and she had a great sense of humour.

The day started with me drinking a couple of glasses of wine at the Nymph's place, moving onto champagne at the races, and ending at Caxton Street downing water in the hopes that the headache I'd developed would go away. Unfortunately, it didn't. So by 11pm I was heading home to nurse the inevitable hangover.

I also managed to have someone knock a chair onto the back of my leg at the end of the night and I'm currently sporting a massive bruise behind my knee - it's going to make yoga very interesting this week, considering I can't bend it at all! Ah well, hopefully it will have bruised up properly and not still be hurting by then.

Anyway, despite the fact that I wouldn't want to do something like this every week, I was surprised that I'd enjoyed myself as much as I did.


I spent the morning downing painkillers then sleeping them off as my headache continued through until about lunchtime. That was the only negative effect I experienced though, so I consider myself lucky given that I must have had about half a bottle of wine and maybe 2 bottles of champagne throughout the afternoon - I was drunk enough to bum cigarettes and I gave up 5 years ago, so that only happens when I'm very pissed.

By mid-afternoon I was feeling pretty good - I cooked up my version of macaroni and cheese (pasta with diced tomatoes, to which I add a bunch of spices, cover in grated cheese and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes until it all goes brown and crispy... yum!) and ate about half of it in one sitting.

Headed over to T&S's place that night for pizza and a catch up. Their bub is getting so big! I got a giggle and a heap of smiles out of him, and he happily chattered on for a while as well. Such a lovely kid... mind you, apparently he'd been crying and screaming all day (he's cutting his first teeth, so he's grumpy), so I definitely saw the good side!

And, though I stretched out on their couch for a while watching Australian Idol, I didn't fall asleep after tea. Quite a feat for me - they've become quite accustomed to the idea of inviting me over to their place for a chat, dinner and nap!

But instead, I packed myself up before it got too late and headed home to sleep in my own bed.

Listening to: Ben Kweller - On my way


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