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Jeans for Genes Day

It's Jeans for Genes Day today and none of my co-workers are wearing their jeans. I'm wearing the only pair of denim jeans that I own - my other casual bottoms are mostly cords and thai fisherman's pants. Considering I dress fairly professionally for work (suit & heels), my casual clothes tend to be very casual - hence the difficulty in finding something to wear to the races. Of course, there's also the question of my tattoo - to show or not to show. I always hide it for work (after all, I work with a bunch of middle-aged engineers who are known for their conservative attitudes), but I usually make the effort for it to be on show when I go out. After all, what's the point in getting a tattoo if no-one ever gets to see it?

Now, for my weekly summary of my plans for the weekend. Tonight I'm having dinner with one date (the Dendy guy) and then going to Jebediah at The Zoo with another (the 'flu guy - we actually get to meet each other finally!). Saturday I'm thinking of heading in to the markets for a while, but I might just laze around home... or do the housework, seeing as my flatmate is away for a couple of weeks and it will actually stay looking good for a while! Saturday night, I'm having dinner and drinks with the K couple and then heading in to see Ben Kweller with them at The Zoo. Sunday night I'm thinking of heading in to see Guy Webster at The Bowery, but that will depend on how much energy I have by then. Half my workmates are sick at the moment, so I don't want to push it.

And guess what? I didn't have any weird dreams last night!

Listening to: Ben Kweller - On my way


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