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Damien Rice

So excited! Damien Rice is coming to Australia!!! *bounces around the room in happiness to the amazement of work colleagues* He's one of my favourite musos from Dublin and I just love his stuff. I think he's a cross between Jeff Buckley and Glenn Richards (from Augie March).

Thank god he's not playing at the Arena. I might have had to go interstate to see him, or maybe even *shock, horror* have broken my boycott... actually no, I wouldn't do that - I want to enjoy this gig and the Arena is unfortunately a non-enjoyment zone due to the nazi-like management and neanderthal bouncers. I'd rather spend a fortune to go to a decent venue interstate than go to the Arena.

Anyway, he's playing:-


9 Oct - Perth - The Civic Hotel
14 Oct - Eumundi - Joe's Waterhole
15 Oct - Brisbane - The Tivoli
16 Oct - Bangalow - A&I Hall
19 Oct - Sydney - Metro Theatre
21 Oct - Melbourne - Prince of Wales

The Tivoli is a brilliant venue - one of my favourite in Brisbane. Tickets go on sale today and I'm going to run down at lunchtime to grab them. Unfortunately, they're only being sold at Ticketek, which is a bit of a bugger - I usually like to support local businesses by buying at Skinnys or Rockinghorse, but even The Tivoli itself is not selling tickets for this one.

If any of my readers want more info on Damien or his Aussie gigs - go here - there's also a link to his website down the bottom of that page.

This weekend

I actually have no plans for this weekend. Well... no plans with other people anyway. Basically, I'm hoping to have a quiet one and catch up on some work I need to get done and finish planning my trip to Melbourne next Wednesday. I probably should pack this weekend as well - next week is likely to be busy. And I really should get into the markets and try to find some birthday presents for all the b'days I've got coming up soon.

I'm really looking forward to this trip! I got cheap flights so I leave at some ungodly hour next Wednesday morning and get back at some ungodly hour the following Tuesday night. I've hired a car and will head off straight from the airport to drive around the Great Ocean Road and Grampians for the first three days - I'm planning to spend Wednesday night at Port Campbell and Thursday night at Halls Gap, getting back to Melbourne Friday afternoon. Then I'm catching up with friends and family on Friday night and over the weekend. I might catch a gig on Saturday and Sunday nights if there's anything on. I'd like to go to see the Impressionists exhibition either Monday or Tuesday and I'll spend the other day shopping at the Victoria Markets and around Fitzroy (where I'm staying).

Listening to: The Frames - Setlist


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