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for the odd person who is still reading

You must be very odd, because I haven't updated in ages! I know, I know - very bad pun, but I've been hanging around with engineers too much lately.

Well, my life has finally slowed down a bit. This is in part because I've made it (after a couple of months of 60+ hour weeks, going up to 70+ in the last few, I decided that I wanted a life again dammit!), and in part because I've resigned.

Yep, you read me right. I've resigned. Well, sort of. I've got a job with another government agency (still Queensland Government), so officially it's a transfer within the same organisation, but as far as they're concerned around here, it's still a resignation.

I finish up at the end of this week and I'm trying to darndest to keep my hours down to less than 9.5 hours until then. Which has been surprisingly easy since my main duties this week have revolved around supervising other staff and transfering my files. Such a nice way to wind things up! ;o)

A thought: the problem with having a secret fling is that your friends end up hitting him because they think he's available and you're not interested. :o(


Blogger SwissToni said...

yeah - some of us are still here.

congrats on the job! Woo hoo!


5:25 am  
Anonymous MrMystic said...

I am not only odd I am also crazy....

12:12 am  
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Blogger Lord Bargain said...

i'm here too.


2:37 am  
Anonymous mark said...

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