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On holidays - ahhhhh

I must say that I really, truly love being on holidays. I'm not even doing anything - just lazing around the house at my parent's place, eating lots of food, reading books, and when I get up some energy, I occassionally take the dogs for a walk and go for a swim. But it's been great. I usually spend my holidays going to places and seeing lots of stuff, so it's been kind of nice to just do nothing for a week when I'm not sick and can really enjoy it.

Mind you, it's only been a couple of days and I'm already looking forward to the bustle of the Woodford Folk Festival with an almost obscene amount of pleasurable anticipation. I'm looking forward to Woodford more than I'm looking forward to Christmas. But then, Christmas is going to be bigger than Ben Hur this year and it's going to be at my brother's house - which means a pool, but no air con. On a day when it's meant to hit 36 degrees Celcius. I just hope my brother puts up a shade cloth over the pool so we can all sit in it without frying. He probably will. He knows how grumpy I can get when I'm too hot. ;o)

Actually, the problem with Christmas is not my family. I love my family. I even like them. Living with my Mum for a week probably isn't going to be the hell I dreaded. So far, we've managed to avoid getting on each others nerves. We've been enjoying each other's company too much.

No, the problem is my sister-in-law's family. I love my sister-in-law. Sometimes, I even like her. Mostly, I just cope with her, since we have absolutely nothing in common other than the fact that we both think her kids are just adorable. But her family drive me nuts. Especially her mother. I'm already wondering if I can somehow develop temporary deafness before Christmas Day. The kind that will be gone again by Boxing Day since I don't want it to ruin Woodford for me. She just has one of those voices that grates on my every nerve. And she talks about nothing. Constantly. And on repeat. My stress levels are increasing just thinking about it. *sigh* Oh well, hopefully a houseful of excited kids will distract me.

But thank god I had that full body massage before I left! *g*

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Blogger Ka said...

Speaking as a Canadian, the following sentence is so WRONG:

"Christmas is going to be bigger than Ben Hur this year and it's going to be at my brother's house - which means a pool, but no air con"

Air con? Christmas? My mind implodes trying to match the two up. You crazy Southern Hemisphere-ers.

Happy New Year, girl.

12:26 pm  

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