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a new toy

It's my birthday this week, so I went out and bought myself a new toy as my present to myself. It's an iRiver, more specifically, this iRiver.

It has 40GB of memory, which is just over a quarter full and I've put all of the CDs that I've ripped on there. Admittedly this isn't even half of the CDs I own, but it's still about 2000 songs and enough to keep this little chickadee happy on shuffle for a VERY long time.

As a result, I rediscovered the wonders of Brothers in Arms the other day. I haven't listened to my Dire Straits albums in ages, probably years, and probably wouldn't have for another couple of years if this song hadn't come on in my shuffle as I was walking home. I'd forgotten the power of the lyrics, the clarity and beauty of the guitar, and the emotion of the song in general. It's funny how you do forget these things when it becomes a popular song and how you can rediscover them once a song is no longer so popular and you come across it by accident and can appreciate it without all of the hype that once surrounded it.

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