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gig review - The Devereaux, Iron On, Delpino

I've had this post sitting half finished in my drafts for ages now, so I thought I'd better finish it off and actually post it!


Since I hardly ever review the gigs straight after I go to them anymore, I've decided to just call these "gig reviews" from now on and not "what I did on the weekend"! ;o)

So anyway, on Friday night, I went to the Troubadour to see The Devereaux, Iron On, and Delpino (playing their last ever gig).

First up was The Devereaux. A 3-piece of guitar/singer, bass and drums, they had good tunes with bad vocals. Their sound is very Smashing Pumpkins, the early years. Except that Billy Corgan can do those screaming vocals and make them sound good. The most interesting thing in the band is the guitar - the guy is really good (even if he can't sing in key) - but he spends half each song facing the back of the stage, giving the audience a view of his not-cute-enough butt. So I spent half their set with my eyes closed. A shame really - if they got in a lead singer with deep husky voice and a lot of chutzpa, I think it would still suit their style, but they'd be a lot more interesting.

The first time I saw Iron On, I wasn't impressed and neither was anyone else I was with. I'm not sure if this was a better set, they'd improved overall, or I was less critical, but I really quite enjoyed their gig this time. I still wouldn't buy their CD, but I'll probably make the effort to go to their gigs in future if they're supporting or supported by someone I like. The blonde chick could still do with singing lessons though - especially in terms of mic technique.

Delpino's last ever gig was certainly impressive. A 4-piece of girl bass, boy drummer and a girl and a boy on guitar, their songs are rocky pop and their style was unusual but accessible. I liked them. Shame they won't be around anymore.

And, because I can't quite get away from the "what I did on the weekend" style of blogging, I also:-

* went to a scrapbooking party thrown by TBF - so very not my thing, I only went because it was TBF and she needed some more bums on seats. Oh yeah, and she fed us. ;o)

* helped The Tall Guy celebrate his birthday on Saturday night. He liked his present, which I was very pleased about because it took me an age to find something I thought he'd like. He's got to be the hardest person I know to buy for!

Listening to: Weezer - Pinkerton


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