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In the news

News items that caught my attention:-

- Being cuddled improves your health

I guess that's why I'm always healthier when I'm in a relationship. And here I was thinking it was just the regular sex... *g*

- one in five solicitors fail to lodge their tax return in time

You would think that solicitors, who are the ones who really should know the law the best, would be able to get their tax returns in on time.

Thankfully, I'm one of the 4 in 5 who manages it.

Does anyone know why the shuttle landing was such big news? I was watching TV last night when it happened and it was covered on all of the commercial channels with some programs being interupted for it. I just don't understand what all of the excitement is about.

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Blogger Lithaborn said...

Because the last one went boom while landing?

10:31 pm  
Anonymous OLS said...

I can understand the one that went boom being news, but one that lands safely? Don't these things land safely all the time?


10:22 am  
Blogger Lithaborn said...

Well that's the theory. I think the whole world was watching, waiting for this one to go boom too.

4:04 am  

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